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Memorial Day – Interview with an American Hero on the Flipside – Major Brent Taylor by Richard Martini

Major Brent Taylor Brent Russell Taylor (July 6, 1979 – November 3, 2018) was an American politician and Army National Guard officer. He served as mayor of North Ogden, Utah from January 2013 until November 2018, when he was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

The following is a transcript of an interview Jennifer Shaffer and I did with Major Brent Taylor.  It was just after he passed, and he didn’t think it was the right time for us to inform his family that he was okay, that he had not died – he was just in “another place.”

But he was hero to his family, to his town, to his country.  When he passed, my wife Sherry mentioned that she had seen a photograph of his wife, and something told her that we should reach out to him in our weekly interviews. We did last November.

This morning (May 2nd) she reminded me that “it’s time” that I post what was learned from him on the flipside.

And as an early Memorial Day post, I am putting this post up for his family and friends to see. (It bears repeating; our loved ones don’t die. They move on – but they are not gone. They’re just not here.)

The transcript of our conversation with #BrentTaylor is as follows:

Note: Jennifer Shaffer is a medium who works with law enforcement nationwide on missing person cases. I’ve been filming our interviews for the past three years. We began by speaking to people that I knew who had crossed over, details that I could verify, and that expanded into people on the flipside who knew people that I knew, or whom share a “frequency” (musicians, actors, etc).

Ms. Shaffer

As time progressed, we realized we could talk to anyone who wanted to or agreed to speak with us (not everyone does). I ask fairly non-denominational questions about the path and journey. (For more context, please check out the film or book “Flipside” or “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife,”Hacking theAfterlife,” and the two books that have come out of our interviews; “BackstagePass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer.”)

Our weekly meetings.

The following interview does not fit into a category of people we knew, or could know – but as you’ll see from the interview, we reached out to someone who crossed over and was in the news. In this case it is Major Brent Taylor.  For those of you who don’t know of Major Taylor, Brent was the Mayor of his town North Ogden Utah, was on patrol in Afghanistan, and was killed.  He left behind a family of 7.

The following is a transcript of what was filmed on November 18th, 2018. My comments are in italics, and Jennifer’s replies are in bold. (I sometimes “ask” for people to come forward and Jennifer tells me who they are based on some reference, but in this case, I thought he might be too difficult to recognize.)

I have someone I want to bring forward – just because we can – Sherry asked about him. I’m just going to tell you who it is… your dad will know him on the flipside. (Brent was Mormon and Jennifer’s father Jim was a Mormon bishop). This man died last week serving in Afghanistan… His last name is Taylor, his first name is Brent. This was Sherry’s idea, she said to me “You need to reach out to his wife…”

My dad says “They’re on it.” (Meaning: “Asking him to step forward to speak.”)

Can we talk to this guy?


Very good.

Jennifer smiles.

So Brent tell us about your journey. Officer Taylor from Ogden Utah.

He is very handsome. He has blue eyes.

(Note: He does. I just now checked while posting this pic)

Couple of questions for you. Can I call you Brent?


So Brent; What the hell were you doing? You were on your fourth tour of duty, what were you thinking? (said in a lighthearted fashion, as I’ve found being lighthearted can yield different kinds of information.)

He says “It was silly… it was…”  I don’t mean silly, he’s joking around. He says “He died, but it was something…” He says “It’s like you come back from skiing and (do something stupid like) hit your head … something very routine,” it felt like.  It happened outside… it was an outside event. It was routine (the mission) – nothing had ever happened before (during a mission), it was like a lone star dad did it.

With a friend who was killed just
after this photo was taken.

(Note: I don’t know what this means; “A lone star dad.”  I think he means someone who lost a family member in battle.  The lone star flag is traditionally the symbol of a family who lost a son or daughter to war (His reference). “The flag is white with a red border and one or more blue stars in the center: one star for each family member serving in the military during times of war or hostility. If a service member dies, the blue star is covered by a gold star.” Wiki)

Was this your 4th tour?

“Fourth and a half tour.”

(Note: He’s correcting me, and us.  Not a detail Jennifer knew about or knows about nor I. Again, I have not told Jennifer we would speak with this fellow, she’s reporting what she hears or sees verbatim.)

Who was there to greet you?


Good, we’ll get back to that.

(Note: For purposes of brevity, I set the “God” comment aside to ask other questions.)

Just a partial family pic.

What do you miss about being here?

“His kids.”

What would you like to tell your kids?

“That I love them and they’ll see me again.”

Anything you want to tell your wife?

“That I’m sorry for leaving.”

Well you’re not gone, really, are you?


(Note: It’s what people often say. “I know I still exist, but my loved ones don’t believe I do.”)

Tell us how she can talk and connect to you.

It feels like “After her grief, it’s going to take a long time. It feels like three years; they met when they were young, it felt like they knew instantly… felt like…”

(Note: The best advice we’ve heard about grief came from Jennifer’s dad Jim. He said “turn grief to nostalgia.” We asked what he meant; he said “grief only contains sad memories. Nostalgia contains both sad and happy memories. When you can turn grief to nostalgia you can begin to heal.”)

Have you had other lifetimes with your wife?

(Jennifer to me:) Give me a second. Give me his name again?

Brent Taylor.

I felt yeah, they knew each other before. But they met each other in school could have been in college.

Not gone. Just not here.

Where or how did you first meet in school?

“Through a friend.”

Show it to Jennifer. Were you inside or outside? Was it at a party?

He showed me online almost…

So you saw a picture of her before you met her?

No, hold on – they knew about each other but they hadn’t met.

So that first time….

I keep getting BYU.

Jennie Taylor

Don’t judge it. Brigham Young University in Ogden; is that you where you met?

(Note: I have no idea where or how he met his wife. Again, we’re meeting him for the first time. When Jennifer gets a detail wrong, it’s because she’s misinterpreting what she’s seeing or hearing. The only way to know how accurate this is to interview his family. Today, while writing this post, I looked up his facebook page, and saw that indeed, he taught at BYU.)

Yes. Outside of BYU – but almost there.

Jim, you can help us with this…

(Note: Jim is Jennifer’s father who is on the flipside.)

Jim says “I’ll try.”

Brent this is Jim, he’s a former Mormon bishop.

He said “he helped him before he came in” (to our discussion today.)

Jim what would you like to tell Brent?

“Don’t judge it.” He showed my head… (Jennifer’s head) He said “To not judge the idea that we can talk” (to each other in this fashion.)

Is that for Brent?

Yeah, he’s showing him so he can learn how to do this (communicate) on his own.  (Aside, to me:) We’re the number one class to learn how to talk to their loved ones.

(Note: As mentioned in “Backstage Pass” the format of our discussion with the flipside takes the form of a class – and Luana Anders (my friend on the flipside) moderates the class and offers “backstage passes” to those who want to come and speak with us. In the following exchange, we’ve found in our research that folks on the flipside point out that “all religions” are about selfless, unconditional, familial love.)

I want to be clear that Jennifer’s father Jim can help you Brent, to be aware of the nature of…

“He is.” (Helping him.)

Okay. I’m suggesting this, because you’re going to learn things that may be contrary to what you were taught in church.

That’s what my dad is saying to him; “Don’t judge it.”

Brent is that stressful or weird to have to address it? (This new reality).

“Yes. Everything is weird over here.” It’s like he can’t help (thinking) ..  he’s thinking about his wife and kids who are crying… and showing me that the church is helping them because they’re saying (to them) “they’re going to see each other again.”  But there’s like a big wall, and they can’t hear it. (Or hear Brent).

Brent, we may be able to help them talk to you. Would you like us to help with that?

“Yes, but after the New Year. It’s too soon.”

(Note: In one session, we asked what the “simplest method” of communication was. We were told 1. say the loved one’s name. 2. Ask your questions. When I asked “How can people tell the difference between imagination and their loved one?” We were told “When you hear a response before you can actually form the question you’ll know you have a connection.”)

My wife looked at a picture of your wife and heard the message that she needs help. Who sent my wife that message?

“It came from all of us.”

Perhaps helping your loved ones to understand you still exist and can communicate with them will help other people – I’m not going to take on the dogma of the afterlife from the church; I’ll let Jim do that.

He (Jim) says “He’s doing that over there but says he’s “one of a kind.”

If we can get them to address or accept that people in the Celestial Kingdom are accessible and you can still talk to them; that would that be a thing of value, wouldn’t it?

(Note: My in-laws that are from Utah. My wife’s family dates back to Joseph Smith’s doctor; they also date back to the American Revolution and the Mayflower. (Resolved White).  By raising the topic of religion is not to disparage it in any way. The point I’m raising isn’t to argue about what separates us – but to examine how we are all connected, all part of the same source; spiritually and physically.)

(Jennifer laughs.) My dad said “It’s funny, if I was in the Celestial Kingdom you wouldn’t be able to talk to me.” Hold on. (Jennifer aside to me) It’s like my higher self can talk to my dad, but he’s a fraction of what he is there (energy or soul wise), just like we’re a fraction of what we are here. So my self is talking to him the best way I can.

What I’m asking is, that when I address this with religious folks, for example, when we discuss the idea “in marriage you were sealed…”

“For all time.”

Okay. My point is not religious one, but to point out we are all connected, because it’s the nature of our journey – we are always “sealed” or tethered to each other, to our loved ones. Is that correct?

“The Soul is.”

Okay, thanks for putting up with my side bar.  Let me ask, I read that after your death, a fellow soldier wrote a letter to your wife.

“A close friend,” it feels like.

Yes, he was from Afghanistan – Brent trained him… His initials are A. R. – He wrote a beautiful letter to your wife Jennie, reporting that Brent taught him so much about…

“Family.” That’s what Brent said. And “How it inspired him to be better, what it did for his whole family…” He’s talking about it and it’s like people converted too because of him.

Okay. In the letter, he said family isn’t important…

“That it is everything.”

Yes, that is exactly what he wrote.  But tell me Brent, you said that “God was there to greet you…” What was that like? Was god a male, female or an object, a thing? How did you perceive God?

He says “God was energy, like a big enormous amount of energy of love.”  He said he felt like he… “he knew when he experienced that love, he knew he had served well.”

Served… what?

The country, his family…

Okay, but I mean when you’re meeting God and you’re getting that feeling of unconditional love…

“That’s it.” He said it was “Unconditional love.”  I know your question is “What was that?” He says “I felt it more than I saw it. It’s like I felt it and I experienced it.”

So it was a feeling of God, more than seeing God?

He saw God too.

Okay, and this is what I’d like to examine.

(Jennifer pauses) Give me a second. I asked Brent “Was it energy or a person?” He said “It was neither. He said he saw an indescribable light.”

What’s I’m examining is, knowing that you’re meeting me and Jennifer and Luana for the first time – there are many around you, here in this classroom, who know about this journey…

He says “I’m very miniscule.”

You’re someone who has had a profound affect on many people.

He’s speaking about his family. He says “His child is having a birthday that is coming up.” (This was November of 2018).

Luana Anders is our guide on the Flipside.

I just want you to know that I ask everyone these questions, and am trying to explore. When you say “It was a bright light…” was it more of a light? A person? Was it more of an experience?

“Yes. It was an experience.”

We’ve heard before… “That God is beyond…”

“Right; it comes all at once.”

(Note: In my book “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” a skeptic asked “Who or what is God?” Her guide told her “God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend. It’s not physically possible. However you can experience God – by opening your heart to everyone and to all things.” I was about to ask that question but Brent answered my question before I could form it.)

What if anything can we learn about that particular radiation of energy?

“Yes, you can learn it – from everybody else that you come in contact with.”


(Note: Another way of saying that we’re “all connected” or that we can “open your heart to everyone and all things.”)

Everyone has it, (that source energy), is that correct?

“Yes, humans and animals.”

If you don’t mind me asking this question; have you been greeted by anyone whose life was ended by you as a soldier?


What was that like?

He said “He felt love coming from them. The same God Cure… – it’s like a cure.”

Was that surprising for you?

“Yes. Not surprising, but yes, he knew (with regard to) the way he lived his life…”  

But are you aware now of what people say; that you’ve had many lifetimes?


From what we’ve learned, is it possible to see that these people who died in battle were part of your journey and they signed up for that life experience?


Any regrets about this journey you’ve taken?

He says “He has no regrets.”

(Note: People under deep hypnosis often claim that everything that occurs during a lifetime was “planned in advance” or “agreed to.”  Not that it was “set in stone” because we all have “free will” but I’ve filmed cases where people recall a previous lifetime (as seen in the film “Flipside”) where they had “agreed to participate.” This is not theory, opinion or belief – I’ve been filming them saying these same relative things for over a decade. They often say they have “no regrets” other than leaving too soon – they lived as fully as they could in the time allotted.)

So Brent, anything you miss about being on the planet?

“Everything. — The air. The trees, the crisp… the crackling of walking on dried leaves and sand between your toes and the salt air of the Salt Lake  and the sunset with his wife his kids… and their toothpaste… (Jennifer puts one hand over the other) The hands that go over… the kid’s hand that goes over his… seeing his son play baseball… seeing his daughter figure skate and his youngest child singing, one of them is singing crazily.  Missing my wife. (After a pause) But not missing her cooking.” (Jennifer laughs.)

(Note: This poured out of Jennifer, this exchange brought tears to my eyes; it’s the first we’ve had someone speak so eloquently, passionately about what they miss about being on the planet. (And the punchline is about as funny as I’ve heard from someone on the flipside.) I have no way of knowing if this is accurate – only his family will.  If it’s not accurate, or misinterpreted, then it was said so that his family (and others) could dismiss this account entirely. If it is accurate, then it was a revelation for them only. Nothing in his comments would prove or disprove what people already believe.)

What was the one dish you didn’t like?

He’s saying “Casserole. Stroganoff.”

Well, what about the Marshmallows-in-Jello dish I see whenever I’m in the All-You-Can-Eat buffet in Utah?

“Yes. That too.”

In terms of Afghanistan; you were there quite a bit. What if anything do you miss about it?

“The people. — The people trying to work things out, trying to give them responsibility…  um. Seeing people come together and not be torn apart.”

Anything you want to tell Abdul Rahman?

(Note: He’s the fellow who wrote the letter to Jennie Taylor telling her how much her husband taught him in life and wanted to share that with her. I didn’t say his name but Jennifer/Brent knew who I was referring to.)

He’s grateful. He’s grateful. He didn’t know that he would say all those things, but I feel like he helped him. (To write it.)

Are you grateful for writing the letter or for the friendship?

“All of it.”

That’s very profound Brent. Thank you for coming to talk to us, we want you to be aware that Jennifer’s dad can help you at any time.

“He is.”

Thanks Major Brent Taylor.

“Call me Brother Brent.”

Very funny. I promise to reach out to your wife after the New Year.

(Note: Today, my wife mentioned this interview, asked if I had gotten around to reaching out to his wife. This post is my way of reaching out. If you knew Major Taylor or members of his family – please forward. I don’t want to intrude – but if you feel moved to, please do.

For those curious about me or my background, “Flipside” “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” or “Hacking the Afterlife” are the contextual background to this research.

Jennifer Shaffer works with law enforcement nationwide to help with missing person cases. The two books that came out of our interviews are in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to Jennifer Shaffer Book One and Two.”  Jennifer is available to speak to people who want or need to connect to their loved ones, they can find her online at

My two cents.


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Then we have proof of concept written by Richard Martini

This past weekend I was invited by my pal Jennifer Shaffer ( to participate in a “proof of concept” event in Manhattan Beach.  She had gathered together about 25 people who expressed an interest in mediumship.

Jennifer has an extensive background in helping people in missing person cases. She’s helped with some high and low profile cases.  She reports what she sees, experiences, hears, senses as part of her pro bono work for families who have suffered these kinds of traumas, but one day she thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could get together a group of like minded people and see what kind of details we can all come up with?”

For those familiar with the history of this kind of research with the government, (“Men Who Stare At Goats”) there was some formal training in the 70’s with regard to “remote viewing.” Using mediums or psychics to try to pry into Soviet secrets.  Like any government project, the military was trying to use science to further the ability to “see” into what the Soviets were up to (as the Soviets had their own programs in the same field.)

The remote viewing program was abandoned, some papers were written; most point to the results being “slightly better” than flipping a coin, but still – a better percentage of “guessing” or seeing people objects and things that they were asked to look for.  Unfortunately what they were tasked to find were coordinates where Soviet agents would be vacationing in their dacha – and like many projects aimed at using people to assist in govt secrets, didn’t exactly pay off.

But in this case, Jennifer has already been tasked with helping to solve crimes, or find people – and she brought together a group of like minded folks, to see what the results would be.

The results, from my chair in the room, were astounding.  Strangers that have no formal training in mediumship, aren’t professional mediums but were people who have spiritual backgrounds, came together to see what they could come up with. And they came up with consistent results.

Jennifer presented three case studies – in one instance, a criminal already in prison for what he’d done, in the second case, a person who is currently missing, and in the third, a child who had died under mysterious circumstances.

In each case, the four groups came up with the exact same information – age range, looks, what the person liked to do, what their background was. In the case of the missing person, they had detailed maps, detailed sounds or visuals that were in line with what law enforcement had already discovered (yet had not been revealed) in the case of the person who had died, one of their parents stood in front of the group and detailed the many details of what these people had already know.  Names, dates, places… all right on the money.

The program is called “Impartial Witness” and as outlined, some people from silicon valley have assisted in coming up with how to use AI to help in these cases, there are former government officials involved from a variety of law enforcement backgrounds, and then, there’s these anonymous people who will be assisting in helping to find, discover, learn or solve any number of issues.

Almost like having a live think tank on the flipside.

I can imagine all of the possible applications – from corporations looking to solve a mystery (an airliner that has disappeared for example) to discovering why their corporate secrets are being stolen, and how, to parents who are in need of their help, or siblings trying to find their long lost parent. But at the moment, this group is assisting law enforcement on “cold cases” as well as missing person cases.

Of course it can’t or doesn’t always work. My research into this arena points out that “not everyone wants to be cured” (i.e., they signed up to learn from this lifetime and it’s not up to anyone to solve the problem before they experience it) “some people learn more from a tragedy than it being solved” (i.e., “You can learn more from one day of tragedy on planet Earth than you can from 500 years on some boring planet” (that’s a direct quote in “Flipside”) – so there may be any number of reasons why something isn’t solved or understood, even on a group level.

But for those who are looking for an edge, a leg up, a way to help solve real time problems, this is an excellent tool in the algorithmic bag.  If you have endless amounts of money to throw at an issue, and will leave no stone unturned to find the solution, it’s certainly an excellent way to help law enforcement that is open to working with them (and in those applications yet to be discovered.)

Yes, it could be reminiscent of Phillip K. Dick’s crime solving fantasy “Minority Report” which shows the problems occur when someone in a position of authority abuses the system – however, the people involved have thought out how to make sure there’s no security issues that can’t be addressed. The people who report are anonymized, vetted by Jennifer so that people with the right intent are involved, as well as ensuring that the law enforcement is not being asked questions, but are observing what the results are through multiple filters.

But I saw that this kind of think tank could also be tasked to help save the planet.

There’s no reason this kind of application can’t be tasked to helping the environment “What are the best ways to explore how we can change salt water to fresh water for pennies?” or “How can we solve the problem of fossil fuel energy issues?”

Whatever answers that come forth – it won’t matter whether it comes from someone’s subconscious, from a scientist no longer on the planet, or a group of people exploring the answers from the flipside – the solution will have the same result; helping humanity. There is no question that cannot be asked to the flipside, it’s just a matter of understanding and translating what those answers might be.

Stay tuned.

Photo by Russ Titelman

Thank you to all of my clients that have been moved around because of filming – We had another amazing day, so grateful for everyone involved in making this project a success. I love my job ❤️#intuition #mediumship #spiritual #investigations

This Thursday Psychic Rebel Colby will be dedicating a Special Investigation Episode with Jennifer Shaffer as she Co-Hosts for that episode! They will talk about cold cases, missing persons and unsolved mysteries as well as take calls! So please share, spread the word and tune in right here starting THIS Thursday August 24th LIVE at 5pm PST at Universal Broadcasting Network, Gower Studios Hollywood.

‪Look who is on
Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry tonight! He is amazing -Can’t wait to watch two of my buddies get readings – Susan and Dr.Drew Pinsky


Amazing day being filmed for an interview for television. Now in a meeting for a program with our Beneficial Intelligence Syndicate. I would like to thank all of my clients who had to get moved because of the events of today.

I love being back in my office ….. after taking a month off from work, I am humbled by these beautiful clients and their loved ones who came traversing throughout my day. I do love this work.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful teacher ….. Dalton you teach me patience, kindness, craziness, laughter and you are by far one of my biggest teachers of Love… Thank you for coming into my world 14 years ago today and rocking it! I would have it no other way and don’t forget that you chose me to take it on….. I Love You ❤️




Jill Willard’s Beautiful and Amazing Book Launch “Intuitive Being” – So Grateful for this Angel of an Author

About the Book taken from Harper Collins 


The revolutionary intuitive medium beloved by celebrities, CEOs, and tech leaders teaches you how to harness the intuitive power inside you to achieve radical self-empowerment and spiritual awakening.
Intuitive medium Jill Willard has become a beloved spiritual guide to high-powered, high-achieving creators and culture makers, from Academy Award-winning actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Patricia Arquette to executives at Google and Facebook. Warm and inclusive, Jill firmly believes that we all possess intuition far more powerful than we have dreamed of, and that there are simple steps we can learn to truly hear that inner voice, guiding us to our best lives.
In Intuitive Being, Willard teaches readers how to access and unlock the power of that inner voice. In clear, fluid prose Jill shows how our inner voice is connected to Spirit, and how that connection is kept open and strong by balanced, unblocked energy centers within us—our chakras. Through concrete, inspiring practices, Jill teaches us how to balance those energy centers, connect with Spirit, and unlock the power of intuition—to hear the empowering guidance our inner voice has for us at all stages of our lives.
Warm and practical, inspiring and inclusive, Intuitive Being will awaken your intuition and transform your being: when you are in tune with your intuition, you are in balance, connected with Spirit, and ready for a life of tremendous abundance and fulfillment.


I am fortunate enough to know Jill Willard personally as a friend and colleague.  I can’t say enough about her beautiful spirit and her incredible book Intuitive Being. 

Click here to order your book today! I gave my 12 year old daughter a copy as well as my mother and Soul Cycle Instructor …… It is absolutely brilliant.


Upcoming Events For Jill Willard

Intuitive Being by Jill Willard will be featured on/at:

6:30 PM
Intuitive Being by Jill Willard will be featured on/at:
MYSTIC JOURNEY BOOKSTORE, 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291

Intuitive Being by Jill Willard will be featured on/at:

Can’t wait for tonight! You can watch us live! @psychicrebel and I will be taking callers ……

Looking forward to having my friend incredible Intuitive Perception Teacher of BIS for Law Enforcement and FBI officials Jennifer Shaffer join me in studio this Thursday at 6pm PST LIVE Universal Broadcasting Network! We will take callers at 323-992-3115 and you can watch it live


Hamptons and then NYC….. I love where my friends, family and work take me……

Love mixing work and pleasure ….. Today was a treat taking them to the production company that is filming and documenting my work….. Tomorrow is bringing in even more surprises! Love NYC 💓

TODAY, renowned televised psychic medium, profiler, author and medical intuitive; as featured on Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, The Ricki Lake Show, Monica the Medium, CBS, HLN, CNN, FOX and ABC television, JENNIFER SHAFFER will be on, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT!!!! Listen and chat LIVE!!:)

If you miss your mother who is in Heaven ask for a sign….. Hold on to something that maybe she gave you or look at a picture to connect to her… Have you found pennies lately or have seen butterflies? Don’t fight what you feel and see, your loved ones want to communicate with you. Write a letter to them and then read it out loud… Then wait to see what pops into your head and don’t fight it or discount it….. Ask for your heart to be lifted with love, they want you to know that they are around…. Happy Mothers Day everyone ❤️

I have been asked about where someone could find the episode that I was a guest on for Monica the Medium that aired this last Monday …..Here it is …. Monica Ten-Kate aka Monica the Medium is a beautiful spirit …. The experience of linking in with Psychic Medium A.J. Barrera, James Van Praagh, Jennifer Barrera and many other great mediums at this event was truly amazing ….. I am on for a few minutes during the last 10 minutes of the show…. So much fun, I love where this work takes me!

This was such an amazing evening serving spirit with these three incredible mediums …. Love me some AJ Barrera, Cindy Kaza, Psychic Rebel Colby and friends who came to support the cause Michelle Eddins, Susan Pinsky and Jennifer Barrera and my very own Mother who came to see me! Tonight was wonderful…. Loved it! 

If you need a little guidance – or want to hear from a loved one, book a ‘Spirit Checkup” ….. You deserve to feel connected, I will help you see that you already are. By phone or by sea the information comes through the same way. 

I have added three days to this next months availability for an office visit. Tap on the link below to see what availability there is through my on-line calendar system.

Thank you Kathy Biehl! Read this if you want to know about tonight’s Lunar Eclipse…

2015 Aries Lunar Eclipse
September 27-28, 2015

7:50 PM PDT /10:50 PM EDT / 2:50 GMT

4 Aries 40 / 4 Libra 40

Written by Kathy Biehl 

That boom you hear? It’s the sound of doors, chapters and entire books slamming shut. A major cycle is ending and it’s not going quietly. The slams aren’t merely expressions of fiery emotion (though those are in the mix). They signal permanent closures, with no reversals, no do-overs and no take-backs. 

With this month’s Aries Lunar Eclipse, we are nearing the end of the line in I-vs-You matters that have been churning since late 2013. Whether the flash point is a specific relationship, specific relationship dynamics or patterns, an agreement or the collective social contract (just look at the news lately), what’s igniting now grows out of a lengthy, often heated process that has forced fundamental changes in how we approach getting along with each other. 

No doom and gloom, please! The eclipse’s location directly on the North Node in Libra — pointing to the future path in how we relate — marks it as a profound turning point for all of us, even if the eclipse touches nothing directly in our personal charts. This eclipse is a companion to the boundary-resetting mandate of the Virgo New Moon of September 12-13. The two together, against the rest of September’s complex energies, mark the gateway into new arrangements with the potential to be more healthy and personally appropriate. (On the collective level, well, we’re in for a long haul of grappling with what we want to be.)  

We are ready. We have passed the point of putting up with, making allowances for, discussing, requesting, pleading or negotiating. We’ve even, many of us, moved past fearing what might happen if we speak up. The prospect of not speaking up and staying put is far scarier. 

This Moon encourages and in fact requires action. One reason: it’s ruled by Mars, god of war and planet of push, who is brave and self-starting to the point of reckless impulsiveness. Too, the fact that the moon is full is fanning emotional sparks and flames to wildfire levels. The emotional energies roaring through us now — good, bad, anything but indifferent — are motivating to the point of being irresistible.  

Adding to the excitement is the high-drama, impassioned, wildcard element of Venus, the ruler of all we value and desire (love, money, beauty, creativity) in a direct current with utterly unpredictable, paradigm-shattering Uranus. This team is delivers surprises and breakthroughs in perspective, opportunity and situations. Some are payoff from or a continuation of late August (around the 20th) when retrograde Venus and Uranus made the same connection.

The sparks flying off this pair scream: “Go, go, go!” Another influence says: “Not so fast.” Mars, the party host, is tangling with Saturn, lord of order and responsibility. Their clash operates as a governor, requiring slow and steady follow-throw on whatever the lightning strikes open. Our attitude shifts in an instant. Moving forward happens incrementally, perhaps even agonizingly so.

As it should be. Rolling out step by step is consistent with the serious, lasting implications of everything that shifts gear now. Even when our lives turn on a dime — when someone leaves, when you snap and boot someone out, when you say, “Enough is enough!” and draw a line in indelible ink, when a friend lands in your arms and you both gasp in realization — the new conditions and situations will take some time settling in. Letting them develop encourages them to develop solidly and firmly. Many of them will be with us for years to come. Better that the foundations be good and deep, than that we jump on them with an impetuousness that crashes them. 

Our emotional readiness for this shift certainly helps. So does our fully reaching a point of neither tolerating any further nor of turning back. The context of this eclipse explains this part of its nature. This weekend’s event is the fifth of six in the Aries/Libra eclipse cycle, which began in October 2013 and winds up next March. This cycle has brought back relationship themes from 1995-1997, the last time it was with us. In both the late 90s and the last three years, these themes involved a question of settling. 

The last cycle saw people entering into relationships, marriages and agreements thinking they were the best they could do. (Survey your friends; it’s stunning how many marriages took place in those years, and how many of those no longer exist.) The cycle is playing out differently now. Very differently. That’s because the Aries/Libra eclipses have coincided with the relentless change imperative that has rocked and restructured the very foundations of our lives. These astrological influences have essentially double-teamed us in yanking us out of a lifetime of codependence, projecting all manner of expectation that other people may or may not be able to meet (or even recognize) and expecting other people to complete us. 

One of the outgrowths of the cosmic change imperative has been to redirect our attention to our side of each relationship equation. The Aries eclipse especially fires up own end of the experience — acting for and out of our own interests. It also sees the Sun standing right by Juno in Libra, embodying our new paradigm for committed partnerships (and, for some, the emergence of a committed partner.) We are evolving into standing side by side as mutually supportive companions, rather than leaning on and holding each other back. Keep that in mind as you experience and observe the endings and shifts coming off this eclipse. They will not only occur this weekend, or this month, but roll out into next spring. 

If you’d like to watch the eclipse, head to Slooh for live feeds from observatories all over the world, starting at 8 PM on September 27. 

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September 27, 2015

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