JS Intuitive Investigation Academy Members for Impartial Witness




We are helping people solve crimes. We are using hand-selected intuitives by Jennifer Shaffer as a platform to help provide information to law enforcement and families that can lead to them solving crimes faster.

Impartial Witness is what we call our internal pattern recognition among cases. It can make connections between related cases that currently can’t be seen.



Meet our 2024 JS Intuitive Investigation Academy Members for Impartial Witness 


Terry Kociole      Brian Ekeland       Paul Hale       Christopher Barbour     Shelley Sanders    Jennifer Musil

Michelle Mayer     Melody Anderson   Laurie Voigt      Rebecca Pfeffer       Maura Geist         Susana “Susy” Vicini

Amber Russo      Jessica Potter     Ashley O’Quinn      Ginna Milan      Jennifer “Jenny” Maastricht     Tammy Koelling

Brett Carstens      Rhonda Wagner     Lynda Staggs     Tabitha Latshaw   Tracey Escobar    Daniel Boutros    Tricia Markland

Fraser Murray    Lisa Henning     Nicole Reilly     Jen Stone     Samantha Englert    Michele Melnyk     Nann Keenan  Neusa Sater

Mary Kaye Rizik    Penny Brandt     Joanne Aronis    Amanda DeShong     Christine Craft      Stacey Martin     Tabitha Latshaw



These members have been tested and hand-selected by Jennifer Shaffer through training and are donating their time to help solve cases while beta-testing our software called Impartial Witness

Note: Highlighted names have links to their individual websites.

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