Jennifer M. Shaffer

Jennifer M. Shaffer is a World-Renowned Evidential Intuitive Medium who is setting the standard for what she refers to as "The New Normal."

As Seen on Fox and CBS Television

Chosen as an Expert Psychic on profiling through assisting families and law enforcement with unsolved cases, Jennifer was also asked to read the audience along with International Psychic Medium John Holland and Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock.

JS Investigations Academy

Founder Jennifer Shaffer Announces This Year’s 2019 Intuitive Investigations Academy Members. Tested for Accuracy and hand picked by Jennifer. Our “Intuitive Angels” Giving Back On Unsolved Cases.

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Social Activism Award Winner

Jennifer Shaffer was Awarded by Shay Parker's Best American Psychics ~ Social Activism Award.

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Awarded Psychic of the Year

Jennifer Shaffer was Awarded by Shay Parker's Best American Psychics ~ Psychic of the Year.

Certified by World Renowned Psychic Lisa Williams

Jennifer is a Certified Advanced Medium and Advanced Psychic under the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development where she is now a Certified Spiritual Advisor.

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Professional Wisdom

Silence is the wisdom needed to succeed. Listening to your very own guidance will take you places unknown, unchartered and beyond any resource from here. It is the journey and not the destination that will make you the very best at anything you decide professionally to embark on. As a Spiritual Intuitive Medium, Jennifer is able to bring all of her expertise in one reading based upon your spiritual journey. She works with Spirit, your guides and your loved ones.

Psychic Guidance and / or Mediumship Reading ~ Connecting to the Afterlife

30 Minute Session $350.00

Psychic Guidance and / or Mediumship Reading ~ Connecting to the Afterlife

45 Minute Session $450.00

Psychic Guidance and / or Mediumship Reading ~ Connecting to the Afterlife

60 Minute Session / Up To Five People / Chardonnay Included $500.00

Wine and Spirits Session – Included “One Bottle of Yummy Buttery Chardonnay” Life Path Guidance and Spirits  

Come alone or bring up to seven friends and family!

2 Hour Session / Up To Seven People / Chardonnay Included  $900.00

Contact for availability in having Jennifer at your Private Event 🥂

A  2 Hour Private Event is priced at $200 per person, with a minimum charge of  $1,500 and a maximum of $3000. An additional traveling fee applies for locations outside  beach cities 🏖️

Business Strategist & Spiritual Life Path Consultant

Individuals, Small Business Owners, Large Corporations Whether it is a phone call for an individual, a small gathering in the home or for a large audience, Jennifer uses her gifts while touching on the topics mentioned below. As a successful stock broker for ten years and now creating content for television, Jennifer understands the entrepreneur as well as the corporate world and helps you get more out of what you are doing within it. Welcome to the JS Flight Academy and get ready to take Flight. The Universe can’t wait any longer for your beautiful gifts to this world. Your Energy is Spiritual Gold. For More Information please visit- JS Flight Academy

Psychic Relationship Seer

Jennifer resides in Los Angeles but her work resides in this vast universe connected to you! Jennifer’s passion is having you see what she sees, which is the best version of yourself despite what you may be going through. She has the psychic ability to see potential outcomes within your love relationships and those within yourself. Nothing is set in stone, we are meant to change our outcomes.

Mediumship Grief Guidance Advisor

Jennifer loves working with spirit. She helps take down that illusion that you are separate from spirit and this matrix of consciousness. Jennifer receives direct dictation from loved ones who have passed on. They want to help the ones who are still here! We are so lucky to be on this planet at this time. If it has been difficult for you, that uncomfortable feeling is growth and that means you are “waking” up. It is a blip on the screen that will open more doors for you.

Profiler and Intuitive Investigator

Giving Back – Impartial Witness Directly from Jennifer, “Our spirit, soul, mind or what others call consciousness continues even after our bodies have given out. I have been blessed and humbled to have worked with families and law enforcement on missing person and homicide cases. They have taught me how spirit truly helps the families here receive closure. They have also taught me something even more valuable, how we are eternal beings. When working on a case without fail, I get the same answers every time I ask my spirit guides “Is this person still alive or is he/she dead?” The answer is always the same, that they are still alive. I do however get a different answer if I ask the same question with more clarity. “Is this person gone from the dimension I am asking from, or are they still alive?” That is when I hear spirit say that they are no longer alive in our dimension. The ones who are taken from us in an untimely manner will never say that they are gone or dead. That is because the are not. They are always with us. No one ever dies. When our bodies die I believe that we are on another level of school or in another stage of Life. We do live on forever.” For More Information Please Visit Impartial Witness

Medical Intuitive Expert

Jennifer has the gift of being a Medical Intuitive. She is able to help you understand certain aspects of your body that may not be operating at it’s highest potential. Getting a spiritual tune-up from time to time to make sure that we have the mind, body and spirit connection working properly, is a good thing. We are all here to find what our true passions are made up of. Jennifer can help you understand who you are in this life course that we are all on together. You have the ability to manifest anything you want out of life so what are you waiting for?

Speaking Engagements & Events

At Speaking Events Jennifer discusses how to really hone in on your very own abilities through her JS Flight Academy. Everyone has Intuitive abilities. She has spoken to thousands of people throughout her career by empowering them to operate from a higher awareness. She is able to give readings in any type of atmosphere. Anywhere from an audience setting or at a charity event where people come up and get readings while enjoying their favorite drink, Jennifer can adapt to any setting and is grateful to have the opportunity to do so. If you would like to book Jennifer for Television, Speaking Engagements, Radio, Platform Readings or any other Events, please submit your request via email to


Policy on Missed Appointments and Refunds NO REFUNDS will be granted for cancelled appointments. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Please do not book and pay for an appointment if you do NOT intend to keep it. All appointments are scheduled in PACIFIC TIME. It is the client’s responsibility to be available at the time of the appointment. Not being available for a scheduled appointment forfeits the appointment. NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Rescheduling of an appointment is permissible PRIOR TO 48 HOURS BEFORE the scheduled appointment, otherwise, NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE and there will NOT be an opportunity to reschedule for the purchase. Please email if you wish to reschedule your appointment. We reserve the right NOT to offer appointments to certain individuals. ONLY in this situation will a full refund be returned to the purchaser. Please understand that not showing up for an appointment affects valuable appointment time, and is not fair to other clients who want an appointment. No Reading Substitutes Policy Scheduled readings are not and cannot be substituted for payment made for any other purchase than the one paid for. Reading options cannot be altered, exchanged, or interchanged in any way and are considered separate reading purchases with separate payment fees applicable. All purchases are final. Disclaimer This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive, and/or purchase a reading, product, or service. Readings are not substitutes for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Clients are encouraged to please seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns. ALL readings, products, and services content are subject to the client’s interpretation.

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