Jennifer’s Journey as a Modern-Day “BeWitched” as told by her Husband Freddy, AKA “Darren”

Samantha and DarrenMy wife Jennifer, who resembles your modern day “BeWitched,” is a recognized and accomplished medium and psychic although she eschews those labels. She prefers to be thought of as an intuitive who has developed powers within her that we all possess. Jennifer has studied under such noted mediums as Lisa Williams, Hans Christian King, Alfred Ricci, Charles Virtue as well as other spiritual teachers including Brian Weiss, Marianne Williamson and Michael Beckwith.

Jennifer is able to access her subjects past, present and future in a manner which both enlightens and brings comfort. Born into a devout religious family, from an early age Jennifer experienced visions and feelings that she neither understood nor were encouraged at home. After a short, failed marriage at nineteen, Jennifer broke with her past, moved to Los Angeles and poured her energy into becoming a successful stock broker and competitive athlete, seeking to ignore the cacophony in her head. Young, successful and beautiful, Jennifer lived life in the fast lane in LA but felt unfulfilled.

At age thirty, Jennifer married me, a pragmatic businessman who was the perfect yin to her yang and of whom she shares our two beautiful children. Although happy in our marriage, Jennifer struggled with her new identity as mother and felt spiritually adrift, having broken with her religious past. Intensive study and reflection brought Jennifer back in touch with the inner voice she had long ignored, and she soon realized that her religion was a gift and had underlying threads of only love.

As she began to embrace what came to her and share it openly with others, Jennifer discovered the power she has to make a subject which most people consider abnormal, normal. Jennifer is sought for her ability to see and speak with “the other side” by a wide variety of people, from friends to those grieving from loss to medical doctors and psychotherapists who have come to recognize the healing power of Jennifer’s insights.

~ Fred

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