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One Beautiful Chaos
Welcomes you into the Intuitive Angels Flight Academy

You have now entered into a “Flight” ~ “Intuitive” program. You are the “Pilot” program. It is years worth of spiritual study and daily practice working with spirit wrapped up in a few very, very, simple techniques that I hope will help. Use what resonates and leave the rest.

There is a catch. You have to operate as if you already graduated from this Academy. The universe can no longer wait for your unique gifts and talents. We need them now. That means that you are no longer just a passenger or just the pilot of a plane. You are the astronaut of your very own rocket. Yes, it needs to be that fast. You have the fuel, flight plan, safety measures; all you have to do is trust that the destination actually exists. If you believe in the destination then you will have the trust to believe in your very own spirit and unique DNA blue print.

Collectively with Spirit we will ignite the fuel that already exists within you. You will have the confidence and answers to identify how to recognize your very own flight path or your Soul’s purpose through intuition, by waking up to that unique thread of consciousness. You will be able to fly anywhere your passion and heart takes you in this vast universe. Like it has been said before, all of the answers come from within.

You have entered into the “Pilot” program as an Astronaut
You will learn to recognize intuition with clear and concise navigation – Flight Control
One Beautiful Chaos ~ Your perceived chaos helps ignite the Whispers of the Universe

We are all infinite beings. Your spirit cannot be contained only in your physical body. Your physical body is only a fraction of what you are in spirit. As a Psychic Medium I have had the opportunity to study under some of the best Spiritual Teachers and Healers in my field. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am now going to take you with me and show you what you are capable of. That matrix of divine consciousness will become a vast part of your very own awareness if it isn’t already. You are ready.

Three Simple Steps:
1.) Finding out what belongs to you energetically.
2.) Connecting to the best version of yourself by asking simple questions and writing the first thought or flow that comes through
3.) Asking simple questions throughout the day and when receiving answers verbally ~ follow them whether or not you understand why ~ develop trust

This will strengthen your pineal gland which is the muscle also known as your 3rd eye. Using your intuition will help you gain more clarity. It will open your DNA or matrix that will give you more universal knowledge so fast that you will want to continue the process. Living in the question by trusting this level of consciousness will help filter out the energies which are not your own and will strengthen the ones that are. You will live life from a different perspective with the connection to your very own spirit also known as your “higher self.”

Nothing I say is anything new. The difference is that I will help dissolve your perceived fear so you can trust your intuition. It will happen whether you believe in it or not. I want all of you to start from the top. Start from the best version of yourself and then go back if you need adjusting. It is better to be the astronaut of your rocket and then deal with childhood paradigms versus being the fearful child trying to become the astronaut. YOU ARE ALREADY PERECT, YOU ALREADY HAVE ACCESS. I will just help you recognize that access to your divine perfection……

Napoleon Hill Quotes…

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything

All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination; Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

A goal is a dream with a deadline.

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.

One must marry one’s feelings to one’s beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one’s life.

Just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds need ideas in order to conceive.


Flight Academy – Learn to operate from a “Higher Level of Awareness.”

Below are 3 tools offered by Jennifer Shaffer to support you in operating from the best version of you at all times. They are simple yet powerful tools, refined throughout the years of her spiritual practice, designed to help you align with your higher self.

It is recommended that you start utilizing these tools “Before, On or After” a reading from any spiritual adviser. At events she gives mini readings and then discusses how you can get in touch with your very own

1. Manage Your Energy
Everything is energy, and you are an energy being. You have an energy field that is connected to other energy fields and those fields are connected to other fields. When you feel energy moving through you as an emotion (energy in motion), it may feel like it is your own but it may be someone else’s energy that you’ve taken on as your own. Or it may be a lower vibration energy (fear, doubt, worry, anger) that isn’t in alignment with your authentic truth (love, joy, peace, abundance).

To get in touch with the energy that is moving within you constantly ask yourself (your higher self) “Who does this belong to?” Start becoming aware of any energy that doesn’t belong to you and release it by saying to your higher self, “Please release any energy that does not serve my highest good.”

You can also start to bring more loving energy into your being by thinking, “Love Me,” in every interaction you have throughout the day. Allow every moment to be an adventure, rather than a lesson, and love where it’s hard to love.

2. Channel Your Inner Wisdom
Spend a few minutes a day (whenever you have a free moment), asking “What should I be doing?”, and record whatever you hear into a journal. You may want to carry a journal with you throughout the day in order to capture your thoughts in the “in between” moments of the day, or you can do this at the start of your morning. Write down in free form whatever comes to you. Allow the awareness to flow from within you down into your writing. It can be a sentence, paragraph or pages in your journal.

3. Tune Up Your Intuition
Start getting in tune with your intuition by asking questions throughout the day and allowing the answers to come to you from within you. Start off with Yes or No questions and then work your way into more detailed questions. For example:
• Should I eat this (blank)?
• Should I go running this morning?
• Should I call this client back now?

Asking these questions and acting upon the knowingness of which direction to take will strengthen your connection to your intuition, allow you to trust yourself more and help relinquish patterns of fear, doubt and worry. You will start to become the observer of your own actions, instead of becoming entrenched in any and all situations.

This is a story from a client’s daughter now who has become a very good friend. She wrote this story for an English paper assignment. I have been given permission by the mother who shared it with me to share it with you. It describes intuition, Love, heartbreak and the universe.

My Journey

By: Emily Age 13

If you look up “difficult” in the dictionary, you will find the definition to be a single word; change.

Change is hard to deal with. It can be both good and bad. But you have to know one from the other. Don’t let people change you, or judge you. Challenge yourself by limits and beyond. Be adventurous.

Jennifer Shaffer is a person who has had to go through a tidal wave of change. She has had to look deeper inside herself and find out who she really was. She had to change how she thought about herself. Accepting a whole new person is extremely difficult, and she plunged through it like anchor sinking to the bottom of the sea.

This wonder woman thought that everyone saw faces at night, could see spirits, and talk to the deceased, (because that’s just so normal, right?). She didn’t know she was special. She truly has a gift. Mrs. Shaffer never knew as a young girl that she would change lives forever, by talking to those who had lost theirs.

I haven’t known Jennifer for an eternity like I have known my best friend, but that doesn’t matter. People work their way into our lives for a reason as a form of strength and support. Shortly after my dad lost his life, my mom told me she had met a lady named Jennifer. She didn’t tell me the woman was a psychic! That’s something people need to find out for themselves.

My mom wanted to hear my dad’s thoughts again. She wanted to find closure that he was okay. But more than anything, she wanted to know if there was an afterlife. It’s a hard thing to have somebody that you have seen every day of your life, be ripped from your hands like a piece of paper in the wind. Jennifer found her way into my mom’s life as an angel, sent from my dad. She proved to my mom that there was life after death.

Jennifer has made an enormous difference in MY life. I don’t think anyone knows how much she means to me. She has proved that every little thing is connected, and that not everything happens for a reason, but good can in fact, come from bad. It’s like the question we studied at the beginning of the year; “How am I affected by the world around me?” The universe is like a spark in the woods. All it takes is one, small flame to start a forest fire.

My dad knew he wasn’t going to live a long life. When my mom and he first met he said “Are you SURE you want to get involved with me, I am going to die young. I may not be there to support you one day.” Regardless of what he told her, and with no hesitation, she said yes. So he made every second of his everyday count. I think the feeling of having a short life terrified him. But he never once showed it. I never even knew that he felt that way.

On his 42nd birthday, his very last birthday, he said to his brother “I am going to die soon. I know it.” My uncle didn’t really believe him, but that didn’t change the way he felt. I didn’t know about this conversation until 3 months ago. That’s when I told my mom that we had to move to California.

I learned from my dad’s conversation with his brother that you need to trust any feeling or instinct that you have. You must be open to change to open doors that are often full of wonderful possibilities.

I’ve always had a feeling that Cali was where I was supposed to be. My mind has always been in Texas but my heart has been there. It’s like I lived and grew up there in another life. My dream was to grow up in California, by the beach. Then I started thinking, “Why can’t dreams come true?” You’re only a kid one time, ONE childhood. Make it last, you never know how much you have until you don’t have it.

My mom and brother love California too, and my mom was already debating about asking us if we wanted to move out there. When I step onto that plane to my dreams I won’t be leaving behind anyone. I may be leaving Texas, but I will never leave the Texans.

In this moment, I knew I had begun my journey. The possibility of it being good is as high as a clap of thunder after lightening. I could feel my soul embarking on an amazing adventure.

Not all good outcomes are planned out years and months ahead. Some decisions are made on a whim, and they can turn out just as well. But to have a good outcome, you must change the things that are bad. You must be adventurous, maybe even dangerous. You have to accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you cannot accept.

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