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Thank you to all of my clients that have been moved around because of filming – We had another amazing day, so grateful for everyone involved in making this project a success. I love my job ❤️#intuition #mediumship #spiritual #investigations


I love the last day of summer before my two little kiddos go to school. In our family, regardless of the weather, we are at the beach until sundown. I wanted to go home early and was reminded that it was tradition to stay. All I can say is that I was grateful to be reminded. What an amazing beautiful ending to our summer without school. There are a lot of traditions that we fight because we want to quit or go home early…… Eventually these “traditions,” become absolutely perfect with tinges of love and colors of rainbows in the midst of chaos… I’m so grateful I decided to stick this one out. Pictures say a thousand words and in my case Millions……


I just found these beautiful yellow Roses in the sand by the sea….. Love who you are, bless the mentors and ones who have helped you along the way and then bring your gifts and talents to unchartered territory like these roses that were brought and left by someone here at the beach. Your gifts will have the ripple effect…. You will be that ripple effect.
~Happy Love Monday Everyone

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