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Book your appointment Now ~ while you can with Best American Psychics’ ~ 2014 Psychic of the Year and Best American Healers Member Jennifer Shaffer

Filming begins in one week and her travel to the East Coast to study under John Holland and then directly to see Tony Stockwell and James Van Praagh for a 5 day intensive will have Jennifer not around until the middle of May.

Appointments are going fast.



Happy Easter Everyone ~ Enjoy your day and make sure to Live, Love and Laugh
Xxoo ~ Jennifer

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unnamedunnamedI love the moon~ Absolutely Beautiful….. This eclipse brought me enough peace tonight that maybe just maybe ~ I might be able to sleep well…. I’m always looking for a first


Thank you Hawaii for your brilliant colors of Love and Light

Here is a little slice of Heaven from Maui, Hawaii ~ Notice the colors. They represent “intuitive creativity,” which is from the solar plexus of Mother Earth. It is also known as the creative energy center for the ~ Mind Body Spirit, connection. Even cities manifest the colors they operate in. This was physically shown here in Hawaii where Maui tends to always bring in the brightest and most vibrant colors of the universe right to the windows of your soul, your eyes.
~ Jennifer Shaffer


Don’t be discouraged if you sometimes are sailing alone. It can be more peaceful that way. One thing is for certain, you are always surrounded by the beautiful Sea that is waiting for you to dive in to self discovery.
~ Jennifer Shaffer


What colors do you see? Did you know that everyone comes in a color? Some people call it their aura. Did you know it can change from day to day? It can come as a knowing. If someone appears to you as a green feeling – maybe they have a healing capability. Red might be someone who is incredibly grounded, Blue might be someone who speaks their mind. Different shades might mean different things. Color coordinates with our energy centers or what some people refer to as chakras. Don’t let terminology scare you. Color has meaning – you might look at people differently……Ask yourself what color are you? Not your physical appearance either but it might be your favorite color. Your first thought is usually the right one.
~ Jennifer Shaffer


Spirit Whispers as the Sea begins to Sing, Come join Jennifer Shaffer at her Los Angeles Office. Book your “Sunset Spirit Appointments,” available every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, while telephone appointments are available every day of the week. You won’t be disappointed….


Love Today ~ Stay Present, Strong and Fearless.

No one ever comes back from transitioning to the other side wishing they would of held back.

~ Jennifer Shaffer


Happy Earth Quake, Full Moon, St. Patricks Day ~ gotta Love the tricks from Mother Earth shaking up the Leprechaun 🙂

Love what you do and enjoy the process that brings in different shades of light. Remember it is not the destination, it is the journey… ~ Jennifer Shaffer


Wayne Dyer posted this picture on Facebook from Doreen Virtue.

The Universe wants to help us ~ choose what you focus your attention on because it will give you what you place your attention to. It does not know the difference of good or bad so be very careful of your thoughts. Choose love and light and wrap whatever you want with ease and grace…. Be grateful and watch the magic begin to work as coincidences.

~ Jennifer M. Shaffer

Come watch the waves crash the shore and get guidance on how to be more one with the ocean’s serenity than feeling like you are getting pulled in through a riptide of emotions. I am at my office every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Come see me!


Choose Love Today ~ it is easy to do….. Try it
Xxoo Jennifer Shaffer


Love~ gratitude for Lisa Williams Sunday Service this morning, family and then clients this afternoon. Just finished with my last one 5 minutes ago – she asked me how can you concentrate with this view? I looked and jumped up and took a picture – I my profession – what a blessing…



Love Everyone and Be Love ~ Become Contagious and Infectious

Carpe Diem, Seize The Day~ what are you waiting for? The time is now for you to let go of what no longer serves you and bring forth the beauty of your light. We need you! The universe is going to give you everything. What have you asked for? What has been taking up space in your heart? There is no judgement from Source, so make sure that you are putting attention on Love and giving Love because if you feel any lack the universe will agree with you. Seize the Day, laugh out loud, love fearlessly and shine your light for more. The time is now.

~ Jennifer M. Shaffer



Love and then Love some more. Make it a competition within yourself that no one can have any other effect on your spirit other than Love. I remember hearing this and laughing because of how funny it was at the time- now I quietly say it in the face of adversity ~ “Nothing you can possibly do -will ever make me not like you.”








I Interviewed an incredible individual, Shay Parker. She started 2 Directories setting a new standard for the Metaphysical world. She set up teams to test individuals like myself and help regulate as well as set the bar for what I do for work. That is only just the beginning of what she has taken on. Please join me as I gave a recap of this incredible year in review tonight as I hosted what Shay Parker started years ago – “Best of the Best” and now I have added -“Your Spirit Hour,”on my monthly CBS – New Sky Radio Show.

Interview with Shay Parker, Founder of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers setting a new standard for the Metaphysical World

Tonight I get to Interview an incredible individual, Shay Parker. She started 2 Directories setting a new standard for the Metaphysical world. She set up teams to test individuals like myself and help regulate as well as set the bar for what I do for work. That is only just the beginning of what she has taken on. Please join me as I give a recap of this incredible year in review tonight as I host what Shay Parker started years ago – “Best of the Best” and now I have added -“Your Spirit Hour,”on my monthly CBS – New Sky Radio Show, LIVE at 8pm Eastern.

CBS New Sky Link for listening Live to Jennifer Shaffer as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour.”


Happy Thanksgiving. This is a short few seconds of what I realized was the Universe giving thanks to all of us this morning. I was in absolute awe of the colors that glistened off of the water. I am incredibly grateful to all of you. This year has been a year of change, growth, expansion, trust and love. We are so lucky to be here right now at this time. All that is required of us is to just Be Love.



This is the first day in my office in Manhattan Beach. I will be here until Feb 1st. Then I get to move into an ocean front office also in Manhattan Beach. So incredibly grateful. This could not of happened without friends and family. I love what I do and I am grateful to be of service. What an amazing year.


I am thrilled to say that it is official. I am now in Apple’s iTunes search engine with my new podcast that has just been approved and released! My radio show “Your Spirit Hour,” on CBS New Sky Radio with all of my interviews is now in one place. This has always been a kid like dream of mine, more so than TV… Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Jennifer Shaffer’s iTunes Podcast




Jennifer Shaffer Hosts “Your Spirit Hour” on CBS New Sky Radio as she Interviewed Kathy Biehl, Professional Astrologer and Expert Psychic ~ Tap Here To Listen

20131113-161153.jpgKathy Biehl’s Profile

Prayer Project

This was a very heart felt interview. There are never any coincedences. As we were discussing the energies of the planet and the emotions we are currently feeling, I received a text from my mother. She told me that my little neice Tori was going back into the hospital for feeling nauseous with a headache. Under normal circumstances those symptoms are not alarming on their own. My neice on the other hand last week, had brain surgery. I of course became emotional and asked for everyone listening at that moment to pray or send healing thoughts to Tori. During the last break of the show, Kathy introduced a project that she was a part of. It is called the “Prayer Project”. I then asked her to discuss the prayer project and take over the last segment of the show because at that time I was crying. It is called “being too close to the situation.” When I have a close attachment to the outcome, in this case it was a fellow family member’s health issue, that is when I ask for help from my other fellow co-workers. I am grateful and humbled by this experience with Kathy Biehl, my mother Linda and Tori. Kathy is not only one of the most accurate Astrologers and Psychics, she is an incredible teacher by example and friend. If this resonates with you, please tap on the “Prayer Project” and find out more how you can help others by simply writing their name and sending love.


Make Your Day Count

Thank You Freddy for giving me more reasons to Love ~ Happy Anniversary.


Picture taken by Stephen Simons



Whether it is with Veuve, Lemonade or just blissful thoughts – the reality is that it does not really matter. You need to celebrate the little things like waking up happy or in my case when this picture was taken it was because we were celebrating history being made. It was the opening of Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. We now have a beautiful home to learn and be proud of what we do every day for work. Work is a blessing in all cases but this means even more to me than you can possibly imagine. Not only do I love and cherish the work that I do, I also have an incredible team I am fortunate enough to be a part of. I have Shay Parker who started Best American Psychics in legitimizing those who get tested for their gifts as well as their ethical conduct. With LWISSD and BAP, our future is a village that is expanding the consciousness and love, for who we are and what we do within it. Thank you Lisa and thank you Shay for believing in not only myself but in all of our spiritual community. Grateful for the vision you carry for all of us.

Hello world! I am very happy to be able to invite you to browse my new site. I just had a site makeover and I’d love it if you would stay a while and visit my world. Have a beautiful day!

Jennifer Shaffer

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