I just pre-ordered my Lisa Williams Oracle Cards ~ they are absolutely beautiful. Get yours today!

Pre Order Lisa Williams’ Oracle and not only you’ll get a 5$ rebate now, but also a chance to win a private reading* on the phone with her, no matter where you live in the world!
You have until September 15th at midnight PDT to place your order on line. The winner, randomly selected among all purchases, will be announced on September 16th on this website.
* Duration: 30 minutes – A 450$ Value

In addition to the 5$ rebate and a chance to win a private reading with Lisa Williams, if you pre order the Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards before September 15th, you could receive a limited edition giclee* autographed by Marie-Chantal Martineau, the visionary artist who created all the exquisite artworks for Lisa’s deck of cards.
This painting, called “Guide”, help us remember that we’re never alone and that we are still accompanied by our dearly beloveds who have passed on to the other side.
Canvas HD print (unframed)
Dimension : 22 x 24 po.
Value : 200$