Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera! Monday 9/21 – EP#013

Guest Jennifer Shaffer on Remote Viewing

On today’s episode of Breakthrough, we discuss ‘Remote Viewing’ with Forensic Detective Jennifer Shaffer. Remote Viewing is an ability used by psychics in civil and criminal cases used to aid law enforcement agencies in collecting information about unsolved criminal cases. 

Jennifer Shaffer is a Psychic Forensic Medium and “Translator of Spirit.” Her abilities as a Clairvoyant Medium, and Medical Intuitive have assisted her on the path of becoming a psychic investigator, and criminal case profiler for law enforcement and the FBI. Her investigative cases have been featured on Dr. Phil, & The Ricki Lake Show, and have lead to helping many families of victims in cold cases to finding answers and healing through grief guidance. 

Join us for more information on the different types of Remote Viewing, and ways we all can use this intuitive tool. AJ always reminds us that we are all intuitive. Listen to find out how the use of disciplined ‘mental-martial-arts’ can lead us to a discovery of viewing objects and information that exist beyond time and space. An ability view information remotely from the data held deep within our minds.


Psychic Medium Intuitive Counselor AJ Barrera

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Jennifer Shaffer

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