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Today is my birthday and all I can think about is how grateful I am for being here….. Grateful for all of the “coincidences” that made my etheric matrix so internally beautiful and filled with love from family, friends, acquaintances, having good health, experiences and even heartaches ……. Everything has led me to where I am right now…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this journey…. Best Birthday Ever 💓

Three decades of the radio show “Loveline” are ending tonight …… Thank you Dr. Drew for all of the years you gave in helping others. You are loved and I love that wife of yours as well …. She will always be the First Lady of Love

Happy First Day Of Spring Everyone……

One meeting down, six more to go and all I can say is “Thank You” …….. It takes a village and right now I am so grateful for mine…. Discovery ID loved the show we pitched yesterday, can’t wait to see who we will be meeting today. Investigation Alliances Team ~ you know who you are, we have a lot of work ahead of us! 

Have an amazing day everyone….. I look forward to my packed schedule today as I return to my office….. Thanks everyone for being patient who had to be moved due to my filming and traveling schedule. If you have an appointment today please open your heart, ask your loved ones and angels to be there and then just relax.. I will be talking to you soon! 

Can’t believe I am saying good bye ….. What a beautiful place to work and to play….another experience I will never forget working with some amazing mediums The Purple Rose Rebecca Fearing and Medium Cindy Kaza and meeting the boys Blake, Scott and Emerson from Bravo’s The People’s Couch ….. Thank you Susan for introducing all of us! 

Happy Valentines Day….. Spread the Love and be adventurous….. ❤️❤️❤️

This is the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977… Just awesome – thank you uncle Mikee for taking the picture. Dream big everyone – What do you want for 2016? Love and give love. Be of service and watch how the universe matches what your thoughts want and need…. Stay in love – be in love with the wonderment of being on this planet at this time. Be grateful for your breath and your body that houses your beautiful soul… You are Magnificent and full of magic…. Happy Holidays 

Have you booked your year end “Spiritual Checkup? There are a few spots left. Jennifer has given thousands of readings for clients all over the globe. Come see what all of the fuss is about, you won’t be disappointed.

Today was an amazing day with clients and spirit. I am just leaving my office but I had to share another view from here at the end of the day. I also want to thank all of my clients and their “spirits” who always make me smile even when delivering challenging information from the other side…. I learn something new every day. I love this work 💗

Today is the very first day since our move last week that I get to step outside my home and walk a few feet to the water.  Every morning for the last nine and half years I would drive a mile to run on the sand. Welcome to my Heaven on earth…. I am in love with this universe…. God is beautiful.


To an amazing kid who teaches me every day something new…. I love you Jack Dalton ~ I couldn’t imagine my life with out you making it so colorful. Thanks for picking me to be your mother in this lifetime…. 💗

I absolutely love the full moon. I am so lucky to be able to watch how the universe wakes up in the morning. The colors of the sky and the ocean waves that hit the shore are truly spectacular. It is so peaceful that it makes me feel like I am getting away with something by just being “awake” and watching the beauty all around me. How could I not love my day when it starts like this? 

Have a beautiful day everyone

Xxoo Jennifer 

Sometimes it is good to just get away, even if it is only for a couple of days. This short trip to Dallas was to surprise a friend of ours on her birthday and to spend time with someone I consider to be a second mother to me.  I am always amazed at what could be packed in to two days. Rejuvenated by laughter and fun I am looking forward to working tomorrow….. 

Join Jennifer Shaffer as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour,” on Shay Parker’s Best of the Best tonight! Tuesday, August 12th at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. Don’t miss Jennifer as she interviews Founder of Best American Psychics, Best American Healers, Shay Parker Media and Certified Psychic Directory, her friend and hero Shay Parker! Find out what is required to be a Best American Psychic and Best American Healer. We will be diving into our upcoming “2014 BAP Spirit Retreat,” and how important it is to be a team player. This is another interview that you don’t want to miss!

Kathy Biehl from will also give us an Astrological forecast update for this month and touch on Robin William’s chart and what contributed to the loss of one of the greatest actors and artists if our time.

You can tune in right here on


Don’t  miss Jennifer Shaffer interviewing John Holland this March 11, 2014 on “Your Spirit Hour!”


John Holland is now one of the most popular and renowned psychic mediums on the world stage. He has developed a unique style of communication with spirit, and enjoys sharing and teaching as much as his public demonstrations. Without doubt, he is true professional and is totally dedicated to the integrity and validity of his work.


Whether he’s being filmed for one of his many TV appearances, or facilitating his now highly popular intimate “Gatherings” group readings, or his public demonstrations of mediumship … he conducts himself with lightness of touch, a sense of humor, and an ability to bring closure and peace to so many. He’s the author of the bestsellers Born Knowing, Psychic Navigator, Power of the Soul and The Spirit Whisperer.  -John Holland’s Bio from Hay House


 Visit John Hollands Website for more information Right Here!



Here are all of the details!


Jennifer Interviews Sophia Temperilli also known as “The Ghost Host.” This time the tables are turned and it is Jennifer’s turn to get in the young mind of a very young psychic.


Jennifer interviewed Gifted Teacher and Healer ~ World Renowned Most Sought After Psychic “The Rock Girl,” Allison Hayes Award Winner for Best American Psychic of the Year for 2011and 2012 2013 Best American Psychic Celebrity’s Choice Award Winner

Having quickly emerged as one of the most sought-after psychics across the globe, Allison – The Rock Girl utilizes the Sacred Energy of Stones to channel messages from Mother Earth and Spirit. She offers Psychic *Rock Readings*, Past Life Channelings, Energy Balancing with the Frequency of StonesTM, Reiki Healing (both long-distance and local), and more!
What sets Allison, The Rock Girl apart from others who have the ability to channel and work with stones? Simply put, her love for Mother Earth and over 18 years of apprenticing with Master Stone Teachers around the world. Allison is aptly called “The Rock Girl” by all who know her personally because she lives, breathes, and literally sleeps with thousands of stones surrounding her each day.

The Rock Girl has studied in both the US and abroad, learning all things Stone.

Allison has been billed as the “Lara Croft” of Psychics due to her no-nonsense delivery and her ultimate quest to uncover the hidden messages buried so deeply in the stones. The Rock Girl is unmatched in her ability to connect with these ancient carriers of wisdom and share their messages with those who need them the most. Whether you have questions about love and relationships, career, past lives, connecting to your Spirit Guides or finding your Soul’s deepest purpose, allow The Rock Girl to help you do what she does best…Channel Your Spiritual Warrior Within!TM

This is day 2 of a 3 Day Intensive Advanced Psychic course here at my new favorite school – LWISSD. We had a 6 week online course first. I must say Lisa Williams is the toughest, strongest, get you out of your comfort zone, make you the best you can be, increadible teacher. She makes Hogwarts look like a kindergarden playground.

I am grateful and in complete Awe…… Thank you again Lisa

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