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I am pinching myself being able to wake up to this beautiful sunrise and then becoming a student as I soak up the knowledge and wisdom from a wonderful teacher and mentor John Holland. What an incredible gift he is to this planet. So grateful for all of the “Coincidences,” that brought me here to this moment right now ~ I am in Love with Love…… ~ Jennifer Shaffer


Let the universe work it’s magic. Spirit wants to help you understand that you are perfect and in divine order – Love who you are and then extend that towards others in service…..

unnamedunnamedI love the moon~ Absolutely Beautiful….. This eclipse brought me enough peace tonight that maybe just maybe ~ I might be able to sleep well…. I’m always looking for a first


Thank you Hawaii for your brilliant colors of Love and Light

Here is a little slice of Heaven from Maui, Hawaii ~ Notice the colors. They represent “intuitive creativity,” which is from the solar plexus of Mother Earth. It is also known as the creative energy center for the ~ Mind Body Spirit, connection. Even cities manifest the colors they operate in. This was physically shown here in Hawaii where Maui tends to always bring in the brightest and most vibrant colors of the universe right to the windows of your soul, your eyes.
~ Jennifer Shaffer


Don’t be discouraged if you sometimes are sailing alone. It can be more peaceful that way. One thing is for certain, you are always surrounded by the beautiful Sea that is waiting for you to dive in to self discovery.
~ Jennifer Shaffer


What colors do you see? Did you know that everyone comes in a color? Some people call it their aura. Did you know it can change from day to day? It can come as a knowing. If someone appears to you as a green feeling – maybe they have a healing capability. Red might be someone who is incredibly grounded, Blue might be someone who speaks their mind. Different shades might mean different things. Color coordinates with our energy centers or what some people refer to as chakras. Don’t let terminology scare you. Color has meaning – you might look at people differently……Ask yourself what color are you? Not your physical appearance either but it might be your favorite color. Your first thought is usually the right one.
~ Jennifer Shaffer


Spirit Whispers as the Sea begins to Sing, Come join Jennifer Shaffer at her Los Angeles Office. Book your “Sunset Spirit Appointments,” available every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, while telephone appointments are available every day of the week. You won’t be disappointed….


Love Today ~ Stay Present, Strong and Fearless.

No one ever comes back from transitioning to the other side wishing they would of held back.

~ Jennifer Shaffer


Happy Earth Quake, Full Moon, St. Patricks Day ~ gotta Love the tricks from Mother Earth shaking up the Leprechaun 🙂

Love what you do and enjoy the process that brings in different shades of light. Remember it is not the destination, it is the journey… ~ Jennifer Shaffer


Choose Love Today ~ it is easy to do….. Try it
Xxoo Jennifer Shaffer


Love~ gratitude for Lisa Williams Sunday Service this morning, family and then clients this afternoon. Just finished with my last one 5 minutes ago – she asked me how can you concentrate with this view? I looked and jumped up and took a picture – I my profession – what a blessing…


Love Everyone and Be Love ~ Become Contagious and Infectious

Carpe Diem, Seize The Day~ what are you waiting for? The time is now for you to let go of what no longer serves you and bring forth the beauty of your light. We need you! The universe is going to give you everything. What have you asked for? What has been taking up space in your heart? There is no judgement from Source, so make sure that you are putting attention on Love and giving Love because if you feel any lack the universe will agree with you. Seize the Day, laugh out loud, love fearlessly and shine your light for more. The time is now.

~ Jennifer M. Shaffer




Love and then Love some more. Make it a competition within yourself that no one can have any other effect on your spirit other than Love. I remember hearing this and laughing because of how funny it was at the time- now I quietly say it in the face of adversity ~ “Nothing you can possibly do -will ever make me not like you.”

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