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Jennifer Shaffer Interviews LISA WILLIAMS ~ An International Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker & Teacher. Below is Jennifer Shaffer’s last Interview on Best of the Best. She has decided to hand over her spot to allow some one else that great experience with being a guest host. Jennifer will be returning back to the airwaves in February with a brand new radio show, more details to come… She started off this interview expressing gratitude for everything that she has been given over the course of her radio career and what she has learned. Her interview with Lisa was also very heart felt. Jennifer’s first interview was with Lisa Williams and she ended her two year radio show as well with Lisa…… Lots of love felt in this interview….

Jennifer Shaffer Interviews Gifted Teacher and Healer ~ World Renowned Most Sought After Psychic “The Rock Girl,” Allison Hayes Who Will Discuss Halloween and Her Witches Brew Fun! What really does it mean to be considered a “Witch?” Allison Hayes – The Rock Girl is an International Award Winning Psychic, Past Life Channeler, and Motivational Speaker. She travels worldwide as a Master Teacher & Healer and is the founder of The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School.

Jennifer Shaffer Interviewed World Renowned, Most Accredited And Leading Psychic Medium In This Industry, A.J. Barrera. Psychic Medium – Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera™ has steadily risen to become one of the most accredited & leading Psychic Mediums in the industry today. Many of his recent media appearances include Life with La Toya (OWN), The Ricki Lake Show, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E! News, CBS 2 News, KCAL 9 News, Fox News, CNN Espanol, 97.1 FM with Carson Daly, I Love Jenni (Jenni Rivera/ mun2), Cristina Radio Network (Cristina Saralegui talk show icon) morning show ‘Cafeina’ & their sister station, En Vivo’s ‘Tu Manana Live’ on Sirius XM on Channel 146 & 147, and was resident medium every Monday, Wednesday & Friday on ‘The Calling,’ onLos Angeles’ LA 96.3 FM with Sandra Pena. A.J. currently host his own radio show Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera’ on every Thursday night at 7PM (PT) 

Jennifer Shaffer Interviews World Renowned Psychic Medium and Best Selling Author John Holland as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour,” on Shay Parker’s ~ Best of the Best Radio. John Holland is now one of the most popular and renowned psychic mediums on the world stage. He has developed a unique style of communication with spirit, and enjoys sharing and teaching as much as his public demonstrations. Without doubt, he is true professional and is totally dedicated to the integrity and validity of his work. Whether he’s being filmed for one of his many TV appearances, or facilitating his now highly popular intimate “Gatherings” group readings, or his public demonstrations of mediumship … he conducts himself with lightness of touch, a sense of humor, and an ability to bring closure and peace to so many. He’s the author of the bestsellers Born Knowing, Psychic Navigator, Power of the Soul and The Spirit Whisperer. -John Holland’s Bio from Hay House

Jennifer Shaffer Interviews World Renowned Psychic, Author, Speaker and Teacher ~ Jack Rourke. Dubbed “world renowned” by AOL’S celebrity news, Jack Rourke is a skilled and compassionate professional offering superior psychic service to individuals, business and law enforcement. Jack earned the title “world renowned” because of his work on criminal and missing person’s cases, the fact his predictions and commentary have been distributed globally by the Associated Press, Fox, NBC and CNN, and because his psychic work and client base extends well beyond the continental United States to places as far away as Australia, Japan, South Africa and the former Soviet Union.

Jennifer’s Interview of the Founding Members Joyce M. Jackson and Robert Rich for The Institute For Sensory Perception. This was one of the most innovative interviews I have ever been a part of. The Founders of The Institute For Sensory Perception (, Joyce M. Jackson and Robert Rich will be discussing how ISP came about and how everyone has the ability to use remote viewing in their lives. I am a trustee for ISP and we will be discussing how my Psychics Investigations Academy i ( now a division within ISP. We will be discussing all the different ways to use ISP by having the tools to remote view into situations that can not only help you individually but can also be used on a global level to help our planet. Please join in on what I call an “Innovative Think Tank,” to raise consciousness involving the endless possibilities to improve our future. 

Jennifer Interviews Nykki Hardin A Natural Health Specialist and the founder of Nykki’s Cleanse Along With Lisa Williams! Please join Jennifer as she Interviews Nykki Hardin a Natural Health Specialist and the founder of Nykki’s Cleanse. She is an expert at cleaning out the body to lose weight, gain energy, and reset the metabolism. She assists clients globally in experiencing vibrant health, emotional freedom, and fostering a deeper connection to Spirit. Nykki’s Cleanse has changed Jennifer’s life as well as many others. Michelle Eddins will also share her experience as a guest who participated with Jennifer on this cleanse. It was Jennifer’s Game Changer.International Psychic Medium Lisa Williams was our surprise guest and describes how crucial it was for her to go through Nykki’s cleanse and how it changed her life.

Jennifer as Interviews internationally renowned Spirit Medium, intuitive, teacher, lecturer, Holistic Healer Maureen Hancock. She is the author of the bestselling book, “The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.” Maureen is the star of the Style Network documentary, Psychic in Suburbia. Style Network along with ABC Media Productions, and the producers of The Ghost Whisperer (Sander/Moses Productions and Slam Internet Co.) worked together to present this inspirational, “out of this world” special presentation. Jennifer and Maureen will be discussing her book as well as what it is like to be Spirit Mediums and being on television together along with John Holland! An Interview you don’t want to miss!

Jennifer Shaffer Interviews Multi-faceted, World Renowned, Evidential Psychic Medium Cindy Kaza! We discussed how she began her training not only in the United States but also at the Arthur Findlay School of Intuitive Sciences in Stansted, England. We both believe in compassionately sharing our gifts with others and we discussed how to help others open to the gifts they too possess. We talked about her travels and the world tour that she is on and how she is able to have a balance.

Jennifer Shaffer’s Interview of Award-Winning filmmaker Richard Martini! Listen in on how Richard discusses his explorations in the startling new evidence of life after death via the “life between lives,” where we reportedly return to find loved ones, soul mates and spiritual teachers.

Jennifer Shaffer Interviews LISA WILLIAMS ~ An International Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker & Teacher. They discussed how to use her new “Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards,” as well as her latest book “I Speak to Dead People, Do You?” They also discussed the Spirit World in Lily Dale, What it is like growing up Psychic, Seeing Dead People and now what 2015 will bring us!

Jill M. Jackson interviews Jennifer Shaffer. Jennifer Shaffer – world renowned Psychic Medium, Profiler, Author, ‘ Medical Intuitive. She’s been on Dr. Phil ‘ Ricki Lake shows. She is a tested member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics ‘ Psychic of the Year 214. Jennifer founded “Psychic Angels”, a collaboration of law enforcement ‘ psych…

Jennifer interviews Gifted Psychic Medium, Teacher and Healer ~ November’s Best American Psychic Raj Munger ~ Jennifer and Raj will both discuss how they work on crime scenes together and protocol with Law Enforcement. Come find out why the reason “Psychic Investigations Academy,” was birthed and how a new standard is being upheld in assisting law enforcement and families.

This is one of Jennifer’s favorite podcasts that she was on. EXPLICIT PODCAST – PLEASE DON’T LISTEN if you get easily offended by the F–WORD and swearing. This is an Explicit podcast but if you want to get answers about how Jennifer operates from a SKEPTICS point of view then this is one that you will want to listen to. Below came from 45th Parallel Podcast.Parallel listeners! We have a very SPOOKY treat for you today.We’ve been running our mouths about it and darnit if we didn’t do it! We have on Susan Pinsky and her clairvoyant Jennifer Shaffer! We get into their history with the paranormal, what the training is to be a certified clairvoyant or psychic and then out of nowhere Jennifer gives Bentley a reading. Have you wanted to hear Bentley freaked out before? Well… Happy Halloween @45thParallelPod @iCultstatus @Bentleywho @firstladyoflove @JMSchaffer LOGO Designed by Steve Stark of

Jennifer Shaffer interviews Gifted Teacher and Healer ~ World Renowned Most Sought After Psychic “The Rock Girl,” Allison Hayes Award Winner for Best American Psychic of the Year for 211 and 212 and for the years 21 and 214 she was awarded Best American Psychic Celebrity’s Choice Award Winner. The Rock Girl is a Professional Psychic, Medium, Past…

Jennifer Interviews Mark D. Houle, A Brilliant Amazing Sound Therapy Practitioner and Certified Medium By Lisa Williams. Jennifer has personally witnessed the amazing healing work that Mark has done with not only herself but with others like Master Psychic and Author Lisa Williams. Mark is a recognized world renowned medium but equally if not more he is recognized through spiritual circles as a “Cutting Edge Healer,” using new techniques that has everyone taking notice. 

Jennifer Shaffer interviews Founder of Best American Psychics, Best American Healers, Shay Parker Media and the Certified Psychic Directory, my friend and Hero ~ Shay Parker. Fiind out what is required to be a Best American Psychic and Best American Healer. We will be diving into our upcoming “214 BAP Spirit Retreat,” and how important it is to be a team player. We also have Kathy Biehl discussing how to manage astrologically what is making us feel ungrounded. Last but not least Raj Munger also decides to surprise us by calling in…… Love our BAP Team! .

Jennifer Shaffer’s interview with the Host of and Author of “Answers About The Afterlife,” Bob Olson. He has been an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher since 1999. Come Unlock the mysteries of life after death and explore the enlightening discoveries of a private investigator’s 15-­‐year investigation. Answers about the Afterlife is a comprehensive resource answering 150 of the most crucial questions about what happens when we die. This is another interview that you don’t want to miss!

Interview with friend and colleague “The Psychic Rebel,” Christina Colby. Find out how Colby transformed her life from the corporate world as “Manager” into a recognized Psychic “Medium,” that is now known around the globe. Hear her story of “Crossing Over.”

Interview with Loredana Nesci! Find out how Jennifer and Loredana work together in providing justice to those who are in need. LOREDANA, ESQ. Check out her new show on the Sundance Channel ~This show follows the high-stakes world of Loredana Nesci, a former LAPD officer turned criminal defense attorney. Her unique view of both sides of the law gives us an unprecedented view into the United States justice system.

Interview with  Author, Creative Visionary, Transformational Catalyst, and Rebel Humanitarian Simran Singh! Publisher of the Nautilus Award – Winning 11:11 Magazine and Number – One Rated 11:11 Talk Radio Host.

Dr. Drew’s Wife Susan Pinsky’s Calling Out Podcast: Ask Women host Kristen gets a “dead-on” reading from Medium Jennifer Shaffer. While “Skeptic” Mike Carano’s reading goes comically adrift.

Interview with John Holland ~ World Renowned Psychic Medium, Best Selling Author, Teacher and the Original “Spirit Whisperer.” John Holland describes how working with his “Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck,” can help you with your intuition. I get to discuss with John the differences between his first Psychic Tarot deck and the one that became available just this month. This is an interview that you don’t want to miss along with a little heads up on the Astrological forecast with special guest Astrologer Kathy Biehl from

Susan Pinsky’s (Dr. Drew’s Wife) “Calling Out” Podcast. A big thank you to Dr. Denise McDermott for her wisdom and for Susan, Gina Grad, Hoyt Richards for an amazing eye opening experience. A special thank you shout out to Lisa Williams and my hubby Freddy for the coincidences of this meeting even occurring. — with Gina Grad, Susan Sailer Pinsky, Dr. Denise McDermott and Hoyt Richards.

I got to interview “DR. DREW” Pinsky from his very own HNL News Room where he hosts On Call with DrDrew for a few minutes before I get to interview Susan Pinsky his beautiful wife the host of “Calling Out” radio show with her co-host- Gina Grad. We discussed everything from all of the so called coincidences to the healing aspects of our work collectively. Lisa Williams was a surprise guest that came in and gave Gina Grad a Reading! What an amazing evening….

Joyce M. Jackson AKA “The Sane Psychic” Interviews Jennifer Shaffer on her JS Flight Academy. The JS Flight Academy is an interactive class that Jennifer teaches to help individuals who want to tap into their “Higher Power of Awareness.”  Joyce and Jennifer also take calls on the aspect of Medical Intuition. A very fun show.

Sarah De La Mer, from Best American Psychics. Bono from U2 has her in a song, Ashton Kutcher named her as his own personal psychic on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the list goes on. She is known as the Irish Seer and I truly had an amazing experience interviewing her. She is also known for her healing and her abilities of accuracy regarding her predictions. It was a very fun evening.

Shay Parker Interviews 2014 Best American Psychic of the Year Jennifer Shaffer ~ They discuss what it takes to become Psychic of the Year and how Jennifer handles working as a psychic medium profiler with how difficult some of her cases are. They go into detail about how important it is to continue your studies in this metaphysical line of work and how assisting others in this field is so important, There is enough work to go around. 

Interview with Shay Parker, founder of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers setting a new standard for the Metaphysical World discussing what it takes to become a Best American Psychic and Best American Healer. Just Awesome 

Interview with LISA WILLIAMS ~ International Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker & Teacher Discussions of the Spirit World

Interview with Shellee Hale, World Renowned Psychic, Intel Analyst, Criminologist, Victims Advocate, TV/Radio Host & Commentator on CBS Shay Parker’s BEST OF THE BEST Jennifer Shaffer Hosts her monthly “YOUR SPIRIT HOUR” Discussing Intuition and how the process works for helping law enforcement.

Interview with Hans Christian King, World Renowned “Modern Day Mystic” and Spiritual Teacher Alfred Ricci.

LISA WILLIAMS INTERVIEW My Very FIRST Interview with LISA WILLIAMS on CBS/ New Sky Radio discussing the different aspects of Mediumship, Psychic Abilities and using your intuition.

Interview with Sophia Temperilli also known as “The Ghost Host.” A very young and talented psychic.

Interview with “The Rock Girl,” Allison Hayes Best American Psychic of the Year for 2011and 2012, 2013 Best American Psychic Celebrity’s Choice Award Winner

Interview wiith Kathy Biehl, Professional Astrologer and Expert Psychic on “Your Spirit Hour” as Jennifer Shaffer Hosts on CBS New Sky Radio

Psychic Medium cold case investigator and profiler, JENNIFER SHAFFER, joined “The Ghost Host” Sophia Temperilli


Jennifer Shaffer Hosts "Your Spirit Hour" on CBS / New Sky Radio ~now available on iTunes

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