As most of my friends and clients know, I am a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza and have given many of my clients his book, Becoming Supernatural. I am very excited to be attending this event. I look forward to bringing back even more knowledge to help assist all of you in a more fulfilling life ❤️ Below is an excerpt from their website. Visit it!

The Advanced Follow Up Retreat was borne of our students’ requests to dive deeper into the work. Specifically, it was created for advanced students to improve, refine, and upgrade their understanding of the formula; create more novel mystical experiences during meditation; sharpen their skills of mind over matter; and connect with a community of like-minded people who share the same mission, passion, and values.

Designed to maximize students’ experience and understanding of the formula, this deep-dive experiential immersion is one of Dr Joe’s favorite retreats – as students who attend AFUs are students who do the work daily. Because members of the advanced community already possess an intimate knowledge of the material, Dr. Joe can further develop complex concepts, introduce new information and meditations, create greater degrees of group coherence and collective healing, and spend more time in meditations rather than lectures. To keep material fresh for returning students, the theme changes from event to event.