As most of my friends and clients know I am a HUGE Fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza and have given many of my clients his book called Becoming Supernatural. I am very excited to be attending this event. I actually want to thank my dear friend Jessica Alba who actually made this all possible. I look forward to bringing back even more knowledge to help assist all of you in a more fullfilled life ❤️ Below is an excerpt from their website. Go visit it!

The Week Long Advanced Retreat is an opportunity to escape your busy life and go on a deep inward journey into the quantum field. This endless, immeasurable field of source creation is where all human experience exists as a precursor to thought and imagination – a place of infinite possibility beyond our known, perceivable, three-dimensional reality of time and space.

Designed to challenge you to master your life, this seven-day event will provide you with numerous opportunities to get beyond yourself and connect to this boundless, life-giving source of energy. As you step into this new model of consciousness, you will discover the signs and shifts that demonstrate your successful connection to the quantum field – and deepen your understanding of how the mind creates a new reality.

During this retreat, you will deepen your understanding of what you learned in the Progressive Online Course or progressive Retreat, experience the miraculous, witness measurable evidence of transformation in real-time, and learn the science of awakening the potential that exists in the latent systems in the brain and body. Among many other teachings, you will also:

Practice four types of meditation—sitting, standing, walking, and lying down.

  • Learn how to facilitate a healing for another person with Coherence Healing,
  • Discover why trance is important and how you can train your brain and body to move into it.
  • Practice programming the subconscious mind into a new future.
  • Experience and practice the formula for creating new and mystical experiences.
  • Be a part of a community of like-minded students who share the same passion to create a new future reality.

Almost every person who attends a Week Long Advanced Retreat speaks of it as the most transformative week of their life.