May 23, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone

Have you taken an Investigation Class before? If yes, then come learn how to profile while helping law enforcement and families on cases.

This course is for anyone that has already taken an investigative course. Jennifer highly recommends taking a beginners course if you need a refresher or you haven’t taken one before. She has one that is offered the day before this course. This course we will be focusing on profiling, more remote viewing as well as how to get information from just a name or a picture. You will have the opportunity to learn what it is like to profile and to to work on cases, learn different aspects of forensics, and how to investigate a crime scene. The cases Jennifer will go over in this workshop could be unsettling, so if that is something that you might not think you can handle, then this might not be right for you. It takes time to adjust to sensitive content.

Over this course you will

* Discuss Jennifer Shaffer’s work with families and law enforcement. We will go over exercises to learn about intuitive gifts and how they connect to a case

* People receive information in different ways and Jennifer will help you understand your individual intuitive gifts and how to strengthen them.

* How to identify the information you are receiving- are you feeling, seeing, or hearing your information and how that can eventually become evidence.

* We will discuss Remote Viewing in depth

* Gain Knowledge of Divination Tools and How to Read the Energy to Receive information

* Profiling with Pictures- Looking at a photo to receive information. Do you feel something, see something, or hear something? We will go into detail about how to read the energy of a photograph on a case.

* Profiling with Names – What it means when you hear a name or write it down. What information comes through when you see a name. How to get more information from a name.

This online course is not for the faint of heart although Jennifer can teach anyone who has an open mind. She teaches how to investigate crime but “crime” in and of itself can be replaced with personal situations, work problem solving and being able to tap into the matrix confidently. This course will bring your awareness to a whole new understanding of what is possible.

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*No Refunds After May 20th*