This evening on April 8th, 2014 – I get to Interview Simran Singh! Kathy Biehl my colleague from Best American Psychics and friend will also be telling us how this energetic pull of the planets is making us a little more on edge….. 

Don’t Miss Jennifer Shaffer interviewing Author, Creative Visionary, Transformational Catalyst, and Rebel Humanitarian Simran Singh! Publisher of the Nautilus Award – Winning 11:11 Magazine and Number – One Rated 11:11 Talk Radio Host. Tuesday April 8, 2014 on “Your Spirit Hour!”

Simran Singh – author, creative visionary, transformational catalyst, and Rebel Humanitarian – is Publisher of the Nautilus Award–Winning 11:11 Magazine and number-one rated, 11:11 Talk Radio show host. Having no interest in being teacher of Guru, Simran invites people to stand with her as ‘Examples of a New World Paradigms’.

Author of Your Journey To Enlightenment and Conversations With The Universe, this Lead Rebel of The Rebel Road Tour, impacts thousands upon thousands with her message. Her passionate style takes individuals on a journey into courage, fearless authenticity, and presence through writing, speaking, creative expression and experience as the Rebel in her one-woman show, The Rebel Road: Connecting the Dots of What Was to What IS by illustrating the bridge between dark and Light as our path of radiance and illumination.

Visit her website at Simran-Singh.com and Simran Singh 11:11

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