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11-11-01 ~ Happy Anniversary Freddy. I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being my everything.



Gratitude for the most beautiful universal playground ~ I love the full Moon as it kisses the water. Happy Friday 🙂





What do all of these pictures have in common? Susan Pinsky and her Calling Out Podcast. I have so much gratitude towards the love that is felt every time we all get together. Check out her podcast ~ right here

Last night was bitter sweet. Lisa Williams who is not only my mentor but a very close friend expressed to me that she was going to be leaving soon. I have known this consciously for some time that she would be leaving Los Angeles and live in New York. In fact we joked about the fact that I am the one that told her she would be leaving by the end of the year. I can handle a lot, in fact anyone that knows me understands how I have to detach because of some of the cases that I work on are so intense that I have to. That detachment carries over in my everyday life. More so than it should. When she told me yesterday in person it struck my heart for some reason. I know that we will always talk and in fact probably more so but my heart hurt and I actually began to cry. I was in shock more about my reaction to what she said then the actual move itself. It made no sense. How could this be? When I dived deeper into what I was feeling and couldn’t really control it I realized that she made it tangible. Her move became tangible and I couldn’t fight the tears. I lost it. I later learned that is what a “Meltdown,” looks and feels like.

We all are vulnerable and we all have detachments that at some point in our lives get addressed. My detachment from believing she was leaving made its way through the guards of my tears. As I write this I can’t help but laugh about the fact that Lisa Williams is still teaching me and that I have learned something about myself within the confines of what I felt as my reactionary irrational behavior. I learned from the experience last night to not push situations away. I also learned that by being vulnerable I was able to cry about what has been building up over the last year.

Live every day as if you or someone you cared for was moving away tomorrow…….. What would you do differently? Who would you spend your time with? How would you get through the transition? We all have vulnerabilities, don’t push away your feelings. It is a lot better to cry a little along the way then all at once. Didn’t see that one coming.



Life is amazingly beautiful. I just had my Sunset Break and now I am getting ready for my next meeting ~ I love my Spirit Sundays…. So grateful.



Past – Embracing Internal Conflict Beautifully

My Little neice drew that picture of me a few years ago – that is the past that I still love about who I am as a person and the funny little parts of wanting wings while flying on a broom…. She captured all parts of me along with my favorite Muse the Moon.

Present Day – Black Kitty Love

My little black kitty cat came up to me and purred ~ (yes if you are wondering I have always had black cats my whole life) -never once did I think anything differently about it until a friend of mine Charisse said, “Seriously? You have a black cat too?” That is when I knew I truly was a little different. Taken yesterday I wish you a Happy Day After Halloween from my spooky self and Kitty. Yes that is my black cat’s name, Kitty 😉

Future – My daughter and her beautiful friend

My daughter has the same gifts as I do. Most children do until they are told not to. This is the future generation of light workers. As of now she can write her own story in the colors of crayons…. I love what the future has in store for all of us.


Boo ~ Happy Halloween Everyone




I am so grateful for the end of the day at my office – What an amazing gift …. I love what I do for work – Gratitude for the sea, moon and the stars..


Jennifer interviews Gifted Teacher and Healer ~ World Renowned Most Sought After Psychic “The Rock Girl,” Allison Hayes Award Winner for Best American Psychic of the Year for 2011 and 2012 and for the years 2013 and 2014 she was awarded Best American Psychic Celebrity’s Choice Award Winner.

The Rock Girl is a Professional Psychic, Medium, Past Life Channeler, Healer and High Priestess of Stones. She is a popular Radio/Television Personality throughout the nation and hosts two radio shows *RockTalk* with The Rock Girl on CBS NewSky Radio and The Sacred Stone Show on BlogTalk Radio. The Rock Girl has many celebrity clients to whom she offers psychic readings, Reiki classes, and other services on a strictly confidential basis.
Having quickly emerged as one of the most sought-after psychics across the globe, Allison – The Rock Girl utilizes the Sacred Energy of Stones to channel messages from Mother Earth and Spirit. She offers Psychic *Rock Readings*, Past Life Channelings, Energy Balancing with the Frequency of StonesTM, Reiki Healing (both long-distance and local), and more!
What sets Allison, The Rock Girl apart from others who have the ability to channel and work with stones? Simply put, her love for Mother Earth and over 18 years of apprenticing with Master Stone Teachers around the world. Allison is aptly called “The Rock Girl” by all who know her personally because she lives, breathes, and literally sleeps with thousands of stones surrounding her each day.
The Rock Girl has studied in both the US and abroad, learning all things Stone.
Allison has been billed as the “Lara Croft” of Psychics due to her no-nonsense delivery and her ultimate quest to uncover the hidden messages buried so deeply in the stones. The Rock Girl is unmatched in her ability to connect with these ancient carriers of wisdom and share their messages with those who need them the most. Whether you have questions about love and relationships, career, past lives, connecting to your Spirit Guides or finding your Soul’s deepest purpose, allow The Rock Girl to help you do what she does best…Channel Your Spiritual Warrior Within!TM

Join 2014 Psychic of the Year Jennifer Shaffer as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour,” every 2nd Tuesday of the month, right here on Shay Parker’s “Best of the Best.” LIVE on iTunes and W4WN Radio. Listen to previous shows at iHeartRadio, Women4Women Talk Radio and of course on iTunes. Listen in for lively discussions, engaging guests, and free psychic readings on air! This is a show you do not want to miss!

Join 2014 Psychic of the Year Jennifer Shaffer as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour,” every 2nd Tuesday of the month, right here on Shay Parker’s “Best of the Best.” LIVE on iTunes and W4WN Radio. Listen to previous shows at iHeartRadio, Women4Women Talk Radio and of course on iTunes. Listen in for lively discussions, engaging guests, and free psychic readings on air! This is a show you do not want to miss!

The Rock Girl
Tuesday, October 14th at 8pm Eastern Jennifer interviews Gifted Teacher and Healer ~ World Renowned Most Sought After Psychic “The Rock Girl,” Allison Hayes Award Winner for Best American Psychic of the Year for 2011 and 2012 and for the years 2013 and 2014 she was awarded Best American Psychic Celebrity’s Choice Award Winner.


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.”

Looking forward to “Awakening Your Intuition,” Linear meets Non-Linear workshop tomorrow with Dr. Denise McDermott! Come join us for our next one, November 14th from 10-2pm. Tomorrow’s workshop sold out quickly and the next one in November is almost sold out as well. If you are interested here is the link and the information below.

Dr. Denise McDermott and Jennifer M. Shaffer have spoken to thousands of people throughout their careers empowering them to operate from a higher awareness. Dr. McDermott believes in mental wellness and empathically “connects” with her patients utilizing psychotherapy and various tools to promote a cognitive change in the way one views themselves and their life situation. As an Intuitive, Jennifer Shaffer connects with the unseen, the nonlinear to encourage healing on a deep spiritual level. They both believe in Intuition.

Today at Sunday Service at Lwissd ~ My friend and colleague Christina Colby gave a very inspirational spirit message. She had us in a healing meditation go visit ourselves at the age of five and take the hand of that little boy or girl and ask what were my dreams of being when I became older? That little 5 year old told me to be – Fearless and not question what is given and be grateful in everything. As Lisa Williams expressed later to me “Surrender” and to “Trust” myself like I already do with spirit. What an amazing service ~ I am still smiling with love gratitude in my heart. This was just a little extra reminder from John Edwards.



My view as I leave my office with gratitude from the most inspirational day with spirit in the midst of beautiful Chaos ~ Love u



Ask for a sign from spirit ~ then share it with Love and Gratitude

IMG_0909.JPGThe Beautiful Sea of Love in the Morning ~ get by water if you can, magic emanates in colors of strength.

I just pre-ordered my Lisa Williams Oracle Cards ~ they are absolutely beautiful. Get yours today!

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This painting, called “Guide”, help us remember that we’re never alone and that we are still accompanied by our dearly beloveds who have passed on to the other side.
Canvas HD print (unframed)
Dimension : 22 x 24 po.
Value : 200$


Jennifer Interviewed Mark D. Houle, A Brilliant Amazing Sound Therapy Practitioner and Certified Medium By Lisa Williams

Don’t Miss Jennifer Shaffer as she interviews Mark Houle. Jennifer has personally witnessed the amazing healing work that Mark has done with not only herself but with others like Master Psychic and Author Lisa Williams. Mark is a recognized world renowned medium but equally if not more he is recognized through spiritual circles as a “Cutting Edge Healer,” using new techniques that has everyone taking notice. This is another interview that you don’t want to miss!

Shay Parker

Jennifer Shaffer’s interviews Founder of Best American Psychics, Best American Healers, Shay Parker Media and Certified Psychic Directory, my friend and hero ~ Shay Parker. Find out what is required to be a Best American Psychic and Best American Healer. We will be diving into our upcoming “2014 BAP Spirit Retreat,” and how important it is to be a team player. Kathy Biehl also be joined us from to give give us an astrological forecast for the month of August along with a surprise phone call from our very own Raj Munger.


A Beautiful Gift from Nature and Love

Just now in my back yard a beautiful butterfly landed on a leaf. I decided to take pictures and it crawled on my finger. I held my breath and marveled in the company of this beautiful creature. As soon as that thought traversed my mind into this vast universe, it flew away….. Another gift of love that comes in like a whisper as I try and hold on to something that is not meant to be held on to.


Join Jennifer Shaffer as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour,” on Shay Parker’s Best of the Best tonight! Tuesday, August 12th at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. Don’t miss Jennifer as she interviews Founder of Best American Psychics, Best American Healers, Shay Parker Media and Certified Psychic Directory, her friend and hero Shay Parker! Find out what is required to be a Best American Psychic and Best American Healer. We will be diving into our upcoming “2014 BAP Spirit Retreat,” and how important it is to be a team player. This is another interview that you don’t want to miss!

Kathy Biehl from will also give us an Astrological forecast update for this month and touch on Robin William’s chart and what contributed to the loss of one of the greatest actors and artists if our time.

You can tune in right here on

As most of you know ~ I knew all the families involved. This brought tears to my heart. I love J.K. even more now.

J.K. Rowling’s Letter To Cassidy

Thank you Kim ~ this blog post will resonate with everyone. It really grabbed my heart.


By Kim Esmond ~Infinite Smile Project

I love that ISP is a creative outlet for me to do so many things – exploring and sharing places I love, celebrating amazing people that inspire me, creative kindness projects I get to experiment on my kids and share with the world, and talking about what cultivates happiness and why kindness in this day and age is king.

However life is not always champagne and roses, right? There is something to be said about exposing oneself and sharing personal stories when the time feels natural. For me this is that time so I hope you will indulge me by reading my first “personal” post on ISP.

My husband is a very private person and I generally am not. Through many trials and tribulations I went through at a young age I found that it was helpful for me when asked a straight question, I gave a pretty straight and honest answer. It kept my life less complicated. As I have gotten older I have been told I am hard to get to know on an intimate level at first which may be true but this post is quite personal to me and I felt was important to share.

(Picture 1) The finger paint canvas art my three year old twins made for Neil so he had something beautiful in his room while here.

August 1st marked two months since we lost someone special in our family. Granted he was a relative of the family I married into but he was my favorite (and I married into what I consider to be an enormous family so that says a lot). When I used to travel the country as a college recruiter he would proudly escort me around his Alma Mater and show me the best time possible in “his” city. I loved it. We spent many family get togethers at the family farm or for holidays in California. He was an all-around stellar dude. An American hero flying choppers in the service, everyone’s friend, a caring soul, and always a sure bet for a good time.

We knew he had cancer for 3.5 years. It was hard to believe he was sick because he never once looked sick and never asked for pity. He was still the fun guy everyone loved as if nothing was going on. For respect of my family’s privacy I won’t go into details of his death but I can tell you it was heartbreaking. I had never witnessed anyone at the end of their life that was too young to pass and knew it was coming. In a candid conversation with my husband I told him I just didn’t think I could handle it, watching him go because I loved him so much and it was something I had never experienced before. My husband, ever rooted in his faith, assured me that now that he was here with family and friends he would be okay. In my husband’s eyes, that is all anyone ever needs.

(Picture 2) The children wrote messages of love they wanted to share with Neil to release into the sky that afternoon

I’ve always feared death mainly because I hadn’t had much experience with it. For the first time in my life I saw so much beauty surround something so tragic. I witnessed what an incredible family I married into as they all came from across the country to celebrate this man’s life. I saw such incredible strength in those around him who made it their sole purpose to provide comfort, happiness and strength for someone nearing the end of life. Most importantly I learned things that my husband did in his final moments that made him a true hero in my eyes. Though very private details, they were things that made me fall in love all over again and solidify the reasons why this was the person I chose to spend my life with and to father my children. What he did I wish I witnessed myself as I believe it would have possibly been one of the most beautiful moments in life one could ever see.

(picture 3) Some of the children releasing their messages for their beloved relative that day

My husband had asked me if I had talked to him like I wanted and expressed to him what I felt for him. I told him I never even considered that I wouldn’t have been granted that time so I didn’t get to do it like I had planned. It was certainly a teachable moment to me not only in death but in accordance to life as well. It’s amazing how death seems to teach us so much more about life than living sometimes.

(picture 4) Some of the balloons with messages floating up for Neil to receive. All in red, white and blue celebrating his contributions to our country in the military.

Given we all thought there was going to be more time there were many things this experience taught me that I would like to share. We all thought time was on our side, at least for a little longer. From this experience I learned time never is predictable and it has its own agenda. It made me think a lot over the last two months about life, loss and mostly living. Below are my private thoughts about these things in quite a public forum for me. Some simplistic and others a bit more rough in their delivery. Nevertheless, they are certainly honest.

1. Tell your loved ones you love them

Every day, all the time, and mean it. You just never know what tomorrow brings. I have experienced and know people who have experienced tragic things. Life should have no regrets and 3 simple words said can leave you with no regrets should something tragic occur.

2. Let go of grudges and forgive

It’s wasted energy that can be spent far more productively on other things. When tragedy hits all those small arguments or indifference seem to disappear. So why should this be any different in everyday life? If you knew someone you cared about was leaving you tomorrow would you still choose to hold onto whatever is bothering you?

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

This has been something I have learned in the last year after my daughter’s surgery. I don’t care about how others parent their kids or what someone does in their free time. I don’t want to gossip or hear what someone “heard” about the new Mom in the playgroup. I don’t want to listen to someone complain that their flight was an hour late and they forgot their iPad and had nothing to do while sitting in the airport. It doesn’t matter to me if a person has an opinion on another based on some incident 5 years ago that appears irrelevant today. Really, I don’t care about these things and the very little time I have is much better spent and more fun enjoying moments and having conversations that are positive and productive. There are far worse things going on in the world and people with situations and tragedies in their lives that trump any problems most of us have today. It’s a matter of perspective and once you have it, when life is without any major complications it’s purely fantastic.

4. Don’t wait until tomorrow

That trip that you want to take? Use the money you have, pack your bags and take it. Been thinking of that old friend that you miss and wonder what’s new, just call them. I guarantee you will make their day. Always wanted to ditch your responsibilities for a day and go to the beach, just do it. One day won’t kill anyone. Plus, you’ve probably earned it – I mean REALLY earned it. And most importantly, if you have something to say to someone or do for them – good or bad – call or visit that person and make it happen. Whatever that outcome you will be glad you did if it is weighing on your soul.

5. Practice appreciation and gratitude daily

There are many days where we are so mad at our spouse or boyfriend that we can’t see straight. At these moments think of those you dated that treated you horribly and were masterful at being selfish. Then think of the amazing things your spouse has done and that you have one to argue with and pick up after. When your kids are driving you nuts pause for a moment and think of those who have lost a child or cannot get pregnant. As someone who miscarried so many times I believed I would never have my own children so this is something I try to remember during the times I’m pretty sure I am ready to pass them off to a neighbor for a few hours. When you want that bigger house or wish to move closer to the beach know that even the poorest living in most places in the U.S. are still incredibly rich to many areas in the world who don’t have a home, water, food or freedom.

It’s so difficult to take the time in our crazy, fast-paced, over-scheduled lives to appreciate the things in life that really matter. So this weekend try and practice gratitude for things many take for granted. Enjoy your time with a loved one, spend time at the park or beach and enjoy its beauty, and smile at those you pass on the street. Just spend 48 hours in appreciation of all that has been given to you, enjoy each moment as it happens this weekend and soak it all in with gratitude. I promise as Monday rolls around, it won’t seem so bad after all.


Website Link ~ The Infinite Smile Project





If you need a “Spirit Check-up,” I am finally coming back today from the East Coast. I look forward to being in my office……. The second picture is my favorite spot to enjoy the view off of our office balcony after work~ Can you tell that I miss our office Denise? Thank you Morgan Olivia Newton for these pictures ~ you are a very talented photographer.








This is a blog post from a very dear friend of mine Kim Esmond and her “Infinite Smile Project.” Teaching children (and adults) to pay it forward and in doing so you are spreading kindness that results in an infinite smile. She always manages to put a smile on my face. Subscribe to her post- you will love it!

The Infinite Smile Project
Summer of Kindness Challenge #4: Spread a Smile Edition

As more and more people are finding out about ISP I am receiving so many fun emails from the most amazing people. One last week was from a lady from Word Rocks who gave me this amazing idea in exchange for some smile wands. Fair trade I think.

Word Rocks is exactly what you think it is, maybe. Basically they are wonderful, fun sayings or words written on rocks and left anywhere and everywhere people roam to brighten their day.

As luck should have it we live near the beach so we spent some time last week finding some gorgeous rocks that my four year old twins (happy birthday girls!) found in the sand and then at the tide pools. They selected their favorites, we washed and dried them at home and then decorated them the next day. Clearly I did most of the decorating, but they were fantastic supervisors.

The next day, as any democracy would, we nominated our favorite spots around town and dropped off about twenty rocks in different locations for unsuspecting people to find.

Whoever you are, if you found them and are reading this post, we hope it made your day a little brighter!

As always, comments, questions and emails are welcome. Enjoy your week everyone!

The magic in Lily Dale is a version between fairyland meets the vast secrets of the universe. It is called the ultimate “Disneyland” for Psychics and Mediums. Individuals from all over the world go there to find healing from the other side. What I didn’t realize when I booked the trip is I would need healing as well. I am grateful to have had this experience where my vulnerability gave way to having my heart slowly mend itself back together. Here I was able to experience Lily Dale with my son and I also had the opportunity to stay and spend time with my mentor and friend, Lisa Williams, as well as a close family friend, Michelle, and her two children. I had all of these plans to write, play, work and soak in what everyone has been talking about for years, which is the energy vortex and history this little town provides. Little did I know there were other plans for me.

Last week was one of the most painful weeks I have had from an emotional standpoint. I had something hit so close to home, literally and figuratively, that I couldn’t work for weeks. I grew up in San Marcos, a small town in Southern California, where I lived across the street from someone who a few weeks ago killed six people, who I also knew. Our families went to church and school together. All I could think about was how does something like this happen? I was just on a podcast the day before talking about gun control. I help families, how do I deal with it myself? When expressing how I knew all the families and my feelings of heartache to my friend Susan, who is Dr. Drew’s wife, she asked me if I would be willing to say that on CNN with Dr. Drew. I was the only one that they knew of, who actually knew all three families involved. I didn’t want to at first and then after speaking to my mother and the encouragement she gave me, I realized I could give a different view. I was able to say how the shooter was actually from a great family and it wasn’t until later in his life that he snapped. I wanted the world to know he wasn’t from a bad part of town or an abusive family. His upbringing didn’t contributed to this horrific act. We should pray for all the families involved. He had a record of violence later in his life. He snapped and had access to guns. He killed his brother-in-law, sister-in-law and four of his nieces and nephews. The next day my mom told me how grateful his family was. Not only did they watch the CNN interview, but also they said the public started showing more compassion towards them. It was a few seconds that made a difference in the mass heartache of anger and hurt we all felt. The pain is still immense as I write this.

The first morning I woke up in Lily Dale, a picture of six caskets reminded me of the funeral my family was attending that day. I immediately couldn’t breathe and began to cry. I was so distraught and then on top of it, I couldn’t get grounded enough to move on from what happened the week before. During that time as I tried to wrap my head around what happened and why, I went upstairs to tell Lisa I was still a little hurt from the week before and also ask her how I could shake it. Lisa had been checking on me every day since it happened without even knowing any of the details. She only knew I was connected and she could feel my sadness. As I told her the funeral was taking place that day, Lisa said she had a reading that morning and a male came through and described how he was shot in the head. She never watched the news and didn’t know if a male was killed. She asked the person she was reading for if it belonged to her. She said no and that is when she realized it belonged to me. I looked at Lisa and said, “He was here?” She said he had gratitude in his heart for me. I was in shock when she said this and I said, “I just don’t understand, Lisa.” The person she described was the father who was killed, the person I went to school with. I told her his name was Stephen as I was walking away from her, trying not to cry. She asked me to come back and went to grab her notebook. She showed it to me and it had his name on it. Lisa had no idea what the family member’s names were nor did she know any details other than a gun killed them. She described exactly how they were killed. I told her that I couldn’t wrap my head around everything that happened. At that point as Lisa saw me try to hold back my tears, she said something that really stuck a cord, “Sometimes we are just not meant to figure things out and why they happen. It is our job to feel sometimes what other people go through.

My pro bono work is with families that have had these horrific deaths- deaths that should only be in the movies, not in real life. This one I experienced was another tragic event that should only be a fictional story on television. This event gave me a knowing so painful I experienced not being able to breathe, and the desire to scream at the top of my lungs and throw and break things all while my heart was physically aching. I will never wrap my head around what happened but what I will remember is the strength of Love that got me through it. Thank you Lily Dale. Thank you Lisa. Thank you friends and family. I love you.

I experienced many healing, fun times while in Lily Dale. One of which was listening to Lisa sing while Gregory played the guitar. The other times were going to the inspirational stump and listening to the mediums give out messages along with the trees whispering love as the sun radiated through the leaves. Each moment was healing on every level. I am so grateful.



I Love Jenny McCarthy ~ this is something that she posted via twitter today @JennyMcCarthy…. She gets it and you don’t have to like her to understand what she is saying. Love that spiritual side of her.

Susan Pinsky’s Calling Out “Gun Control,” listen as we discuss gun control a week before it happened close to home for me- literally as I knew and grew up with all three families from the tragedy that happened in Texas.

Thank you Susan for giving us a forum to discuss how we can help change what shouldn’t be happening anymore. Subscribe to her podcast ~ This one I’m with Segun Oduowolu and Rebecca Fearing ~


Thank You Shay Parker for always raising the bar. I love our family. Individuals like yourself and Lisa Williams will keep our industry a well respected one. I am grateful.



A Spirit’s Birthday Wish To Her Mother Today

I was running on the beach here in Ocean City, NJ this morning when I saw these beautiful three red roses and had to stop. I sat down in the warm sand next to them and put them in an upright position. Then as I sat there contemplating why they were there, I received an alert from “Facebook” via text that it was Toni’s birthday today.

Toni is the mother of Morgan who passed away at the age of 20. She should still be with us right now in physical form even though she is in spirit.

In the midst of heart ache thinking about Toni, her husband Steve and their daughter Morgan, I actually smiled because it couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time finding those 3 roses.

I wrote happy birthday to Toni and then Morgans name “popped” in my head and then my name Jennifer. My name happens to be Morgan’s middle name.

I then asked Morgan who I felt was giving me “spirit hugs” as I was covered in chills, if I could sign her name and of course I was given a yes.

Everything transpired in seconds but the thank you from Morgan and Toni are still happening, hours later. What a gift of love coming over from the other side.

I am humbled and honored to be doing this work. I am also grateful to work with such a beautiful spirit who is helping us solve her very own case.
~Jennifer Shaffer



Join MP Talk sponsored by ISC Investigations as we speak with renowned medium 2014 Psychic of the Year and as Seen on CBS Television and FOX, Certified by World Renowned Master Psychic Lisa Williams as an Advanced Medium and Advanced Psychic, Tested as legitimate by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, Evidential Psychic Medium Jennifer Shaffer Sees, Hears, and Feels those Spirits who have Crossed Over.

Jennifer is a “Translator of Spirit.” She is a Clairvoyant Medium, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Investigator and Profiler. Her investigation cases have recently been featured on “Dr. Phil,” and she has also been a reoccurring guest on the “Ricki Lake” show. Jennifer is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which means being blessed with sight, hearing and feeling from the spiritual world that both enlightens and brings comfort. Jennifer receives guidance that gives you confirmation of past events, informs you of the future, brings clarity to issues, and messages from your departed loved ones. Spirit wants to help by giving powerful insights from the other side.

ISC Investigations



I will miss the serenity you bring me every morning unconditionally my beautiful sea of tranquility -I do look forward to spending time the next 3 weeks on the East Coast…. Thank you for always inspiring me, I am grateful.


Happy 4th of July


Have you had your “Spirit Checkup?” What are you waiting for? Let Jennifer help guide and connect you to what is already there….


It is summer, go outside and play. Listen to what the universe is telling you. Ask for signs. Gratitude will take it even further ~ you will then feel Love by the warmth of your heart. Pay it forward with a smile to a stranger. This is the ripple effect in action. ~Jennifer Shaffer


Happy Father’s Day ~ You Are Loved ~Remember that even if your father is no longer with us, he can still hear your Heart. That vibration of Love frequency is tangible to the Spirit World….. You will feel it reflecting back to you.



Don’t Miss Jennifer Shaffer interviewing her friend and colleague “The Psychic Rebel,” Christina Colby. Find out how Colby transformed her life from the corporate world as “Manager” into a recognized Psychic “Medium,” that is now known around the globe. Hear her story of “Crossing Over.” This is another interview that you don’t want to miss! This show is broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network (


TAP HERE for Jennifer Interviews “Psychic Rebel,” Christina Colby



Please join me tonight while I interview Christina Colby the “Psychic Rebel.”

As I host “Your Spirit Hour,” On Shay Parker’s Best of the Best!

Live on Women 4 Women Network

Archived on iHEARTRadio and iTUNES

20140530-063638-23798402.jpgAnother great find~ written by Bob Olson, Host of Afterlife TV, his latest book “Answers About The Afterlife,” is an amazing compilation about his 15-year research unlocking the Mysteries of Life after Death….. I love this book!


Have you had your “Spirit Check-up?” Get in alignment with your higher purpose. Jennifer Shaffer can help you see the unseen….


Be Love and then Love Fearlessly ~ JS


Saying Hello to the Sunset and Good Night to Spirit ~ gratitude in magnitudes as I leave my office….. I LOVE MY WORK


Beauty is in the water, trees, mountains, the smile from a loved one and when you see it in yourself ~ it will be reflected everywhere……
~ Jennifer Shaffer


I can’t wait to interview you tonight – Loredana Nesci! We have so much to cover. Some very deep conversations about our work together as well as life and death in and of itself. I love what we do but we definitely deal with extremes…..

Don’t Miss Jennifer Shaffer interviewing her friend and colleague Loredana Nesci! Find out how Jennifer and Loredana work together in providing justice to those who are in need. This is another interview that you don’t want to miss! Tuesday, May 13th as she hosts “Your Spirit Hour,” on Shay Parker’s Best of the Best.

5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern – live on and iTUNES ~ archived on iHEARTRadio…

LOREDANA, ESQ. Check out her new show on the Sundance Channel ~This show follows the high-stakes world of Loredana Nesci, a former LAPD officer turned criminal defense attorney. Her unique view of both sides of the law gives us an unprecedented view into the United States justice system.!”


Sometimes the gifts of pure love come in unique packages…. Ten years ago the universe blessed me with the most amazing gift of love. It came in the form of my little beautiful girl Blakee…… I am forever grateful for this little girl of pure happiness and joy. Every day I learn from her experiences and realize that the universe is here to give us what we need in order to fulfill our own destiny. She was brought to me when I didn’t want to live. That little “insurance Policy” saved me. Gratitude doesn’t cover the raw emotions when I look back and see how the universe conspired to help me in the form of this magical gift of Love….


I am pinching myself being able to wake up to this beautiful sunrise and then becoming a student as I soak up the knowledge and wisdom from a wonderful teacher and mentor John Holland. What an incredible gift he is to this planet. So grateful for all of the “Coincidences,” that brought me here to this moment right now ~ I am in Love with Love…… ~ Jennifer Shaffer


Let the universe work it’s magic. Spirit wants to help you understand that you are perfect and in divine order – Love who you are and then extend that towards others in service…..

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Filming begins in one week and her travel to the East Coast to study under John Holland and then directly to see Tony Stockwell and James Van Praagh for a 5 day intensive will have Jennifer not around until the middle of May.

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