Grateful ~ Unforgettable Year
Thank you ~ I have immense gratitude for this last year. Rayvon Owen, thank you for your music in this video and we look forward to seeing you on American Idol next week! Thank you Lisa Williams for your encouragement, mentorship and friendship, Su Sailer for your podcast Calling Out and all the fun, Dr. Drew for actually being on call when I have questions, Best American Psychics Shay Parker and Angel for your endless duties in keeping us all in check and for providing a wonderful family, My Menfolk BAP friends, Spirit Sisters -Michelle, Denise, Colby, Chana, Morgan, Beaudin, Ladonna, Eliza, Sonja, Tracy(s), Kim, Alicia, Ginny, Tasha, Shannon, Sara, Deb, Amy, Karen and Marcella. My teachers and reflections Jack, Blake, Mom, Dad and EVERYONE in between. Last but not least Freddy for keeping me grounded and giving me the gift of studying the Universe