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Wine & Spirits – An Evening of Messages with JENNIFER SHAFFER

Please join International Intuitive Medium Jennifer Shaffer on her tour of Wine & Spirits as she heads to LA! This is a ONE NIGHT event in which Jennifer will deliver messages from your loved ones in spirit over a glass of vino delivering messages of love and healing!

This is a perfect evening to bring a friend, family member or partner! With incredible detail and accuracy, Jennifer delivers messages with compassion and heart felt messages.

Jennifer Shaffer is a world renowned Psychic Medium, Profiler, Author, Seer, Medical Intuitive and more. Her cases have been profiled on Dr. Phil and she has been a reoccurring guest on the Ricki Lake show as an expert Psychic. Jennifer is a regular featured guest on the hit show LIVE with Colby Rebel. Jennifer’s pro-bono work is with law enforcement on a regular basis, assisting with cold cases and helping families of victims find answers. She founded “JS Intuitive Investigation Alliances and Academy” which is the collaboration of law enforcement and psychics working together because she believes it is better having more eyes on the scene as well as the unseen.

For more information please visit

Wine and Spirits – An Evening of Messages with JENNIFER SHAFFER
This is a fun way to spend a Saturday night. Come relax and enjoy a glass of wine or water and hear from your loved ones!

Saturday, September 15, 2018
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Colby Rebel Spirit Center, 1792 Kelton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Watch Live – “Vino and Voices” Podcast Thursday September 13th 5pm Pacific


New Released Books #1 on Audible with Author Rich Martini and Intuitive Jennifer Shaffer

IMG 2527

Medium Mondays @ Uncorked Wine Shop September 24th

Hope to see you there,

Toni Ingram
Academy Director
Impartial Witness

“Back to #1 at Audible in its genre. Would you like an all access pass to the flipside? Get in line behind the velvet rope. I’m checking IDs, Jennifer Shaffer has the headset on, Luana Anders is tapping her wrist. Anyone can enter the VVVIP lounge, but you have to take “the red pill” first – which will adjust your frequency to see the nature of consciousness and reality. C’mon in, but read the fine print. This club is one everyone will eventually pass thru but you can get a preview if you’re ready. ”

“If you are a half hour late I’m out of here, you will find me at the bar.” Those were the last words I heard from Freddy on the morning of 11-11-01 before I said the words “I Do.” The clouds parted and the rain stopped for the half hour we were married out on a cliff at the Bacara in Santa Barbara. Today he is taking me to the prison called Alcatraz with our kids. I think it is kind of appropriate after sixteen years of marriage in some funny way. Happy Anniversary Freddy, I love and adore you and I love how much we laugh together – it is the best medicine and one of the reasons we are still together ❤️

This is beautifully captured by Jen Oliak about the essence of a mother’s spirit that I was able to communicate with and her daughter who brought her to life… It brought me to tears….. Thank you Beth for sharing your story, I love you and your mom 💕




Love and Loss- The Clouds Have the Answers: By Beth Wood

Love and Loss. We’ve all experienced it. Do clouds have the answers? I’m not religious, but do I believe in God. I’m not very spiritual, but I can feel energy all around me. This story from my friend Beth has me re-thinking.To all the people we have loved and lost. You are in the clouds…

Beth’s Story About Love & Loss

My mom passed away a few months ago. Shortly after my loss, I visited an intuitive (aka: psychic, medium).



Why? I had tremendous guilt for the infrequent visits we made to the nursing home where my mom resided. It was a home for people with dementia. The last time I saw her, I felt there was no connection. She didn’t know who I was. And I no longer knew who she was.

I wanted to communicate with her again. It had been years since I’d been able to hear what she was thinking.

Was she mad at us for putting her in a home? Was there anything she wanted me to know?

When my maternal grandfather was in the VA hospital with the same early onset of dementia, it was.. memorable. But not in a good way.

I didn’t want my kids to see their grandmother the same way I saw my grandpa when I was younger and not capable of processing what was going on. I wanted my kids to remember my mom for who she was. Their fun, loving, funny, creative and kind grandma.

Not the lady who didn’t speak and watched movies in bed all day.

Years earlier, I communicated with my mom’s younger sister, Lynne, through a medium. She passed away from the same “family disease” at 60. Reaching her through the psychic gave me such a sense of relief. Not only because she told me my dad’s DNA stopped the gene from being passed on to the rest of us, but also because she told me she was happy. She was freed from her body that stopped working. She was in a better place.

I was hoping for a similar read with my mom. Well really, I was praying that she had “arrived” and would come through.

And She did.

My Visit With the Psychic

The first thing she communicated was, “Beth, don’t feel guilty about not visiting often, because I was visiting you.” Kleenex, please. Then, wait. Huh? She was in a nursing home in Ohio and we were in California.

She told me she assisted my daughter who cut her bangs in her bedroom. Viv did do this in 1st grade. They looked fabulous. She also told Jennifer (the intuitive) that my daughter had her name. Also correct. After 20 more minutes of communication with my mom, I asked her what she would like done with her ashes.

She said, “Spread them in Scotland.”

Yep. That was definitely her.

Honoring My Mom

Three months later, my husband, my kids and I were walking out of Dublin airport. I had my mom’s ashes in my carry on bag and a few loose ideas of what we wanted to do in Ireland before heading to Scotland.

We spent a few days in Dublin and then took a train to a ferry in Northern Ireland, which docked in Scotland. A local we met on the ferry gave us a ride to Edinburgh, where I walked around for days with my moms ashes in my bag. I was looking for a sign.

Every scrape of paper on the ground, graffiti on the wall. I was searching for a message that basically said, “Beth, spread my ashes here. Love, Mom.”

I was starting to get nervous. Although I knew she loved Edinburgh, there was a Fringe festival going on and the place was packed. I had envisioned the wind carrying her ashes off the highest point of Edinburgh Castle with my family around me saying kind words about her. But this place was wall to wall people.

With 3 days left of the trip, my husband, Erik told us we were going on a drive to St. Andrews. We protested. There were ashes to be spread in Edinburgh. We weren’t interested in seeing an old golf course or where Kate met William!

Finding Her Spot

When we arrived, I was underwhelmed. He dragged us here and he dragged us there. My mom wasn’t a huge golfer and I didn’t know if she had ever been here. What if she had visited with my dad and thought, “Never again?!” But then, something happened.

We walked to St. Andrews Cathedral (the ruins of a super old church) and their cemetery. With the soft wind blowing off the ocean, the green grass and the sun shining, it dawned on me.

I was so caught up in doing it right, I had become paralyzed over what to do with her ashes.

There wasn’t a right way to do this. I thought about my mom. A free spirit who read, “Free To Be You And Me” to us all the time as kids. I needed to let go of being caught up trying to make this the “perfect” experience.

I needed to just honor my mom.

At that point, I felt such peace and love for my family that a sense of calm came over me.

My kids found an isolated spot. There was no one around. We had all the time in the world.

Without hesitation, they grabbed a handful of ashes and joyously began spreading them.

Viv spreading her grandmother’s ashes in Scotland

They decided she needed to have her name in the cemetery. A place to remember where she was.

They each began to write a message to her on the concrete.

Erik cringed when he saw the kids writing, um, in her ashes. But he knew my mom, and knew she loved anything her grandchildren did.

My son, Alex knew she loved the color yellow and really wanted yellow flowers at her site. He found some tiny daisies and began decorating the area. He was humming a song about heaven. It was the perfect celebration for my mom.


Alex decorating a note he left for his grandma with daisies.

Closing the Chapter on her Loss

A few weeks later , I ran into Jennifer (the medium). I told her how we spread her ashes in Scotland. Did she remember telling me that??

While I quickly scrolled through my pictures to show her one, she laughed. “Your mom got a real kick out of it and loved it. She’s very happy with where she is.”

I showed her the picture and said, “I think that bird was my mom watching us.”

She glanced at the picture and said, “That’s just a bird. But look at the clouds. She’s smiling down on you. The answers are always in the clouds.”


Beth’s mom teacher photo
Wow. Love and loss – The answers are in the clouds. Powerful, right? I may be visiting “Jennifer” very soon! Cheers to gaining new perspectives. I never believed in psychics before. Have you visited one? What was your outcome?


Flavor Your Life with an Ounce of Salt. A lifestyle blog by Jen Oliak.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone….. I have so much to be grateful for. I feel incredibly blessed with family, friends, clients, their loved ones in spirit, my health and my view of life in and of itself, maybe because of this work. If there is one thing I have learned it is to be in the present moment, make every moment count and even in the most difficult of situations bless them and love them. We are love, we are one…
Thank you Sarah Beaudin for this beautiful picture of Maui ~I love you


Happy Anniversary to the most amazing man in my life….. I am so grateful for you … Thank you for supporting me, I wouldn’t be doing the work that I love to do without you.

11/11/01 – 14 years of growth, support and love…….



You have inspired me to do more and be more of my true nature…. Listening to your books has been such a gift. I am sad that you are gone from this dimension but I am honored that I met you and was able to learn from all of your valuable teachings. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you for all that you have given to this planet. I look forward to talking to your spirit…… I love you.



Life is beautiful, Live every day full of adventure and purpose. Be kind to yourself and to others. Love like there is no other way to be. Watch the universe reflect back to you the greatness of your spirit, like the water reflected back the colors from the sun through the clouds.

~ Jennifer Shaffer and Spirit 

Last Night’s Birthday Celebration  
My Daddy’s Prom Picture #Handsome

Engagement – Still going strong and seven kids later…
Happy 70th Birthday Daddy!! You have taught me so much throughout the years. I am so grateful for your wisdom and strength. I did pick you and I know more now than ever, why …… You taught me the true meaning of what “Unconditional Love” looks and feels like. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Xxoo J.J.


Ask for a sign. Ask for your heart to be lifted. Your loved ones are always around. You have the ability to connect with them. The quickest way is to close your eyes and then ask. See what “pops” into your mind. Then feel the warmth in your heart or the chills down your arms. Chills are spirits way of saying “I am here and that you are loved.” 

Xxoo Jennifer Shaffer 


Ask for a sign from your loved ones who have crossed over. I did and found this beautiful white feather on the beach this morning all by itself. Then I had a very sweet conversation with both of my grandmothers in spirit. The warmth of love, there is nothing like it. 


I grew up listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was raised Mormon and was blessed enough to come from an amazing family. My parents are still together and madly in love.... Something I now admire more than I did while I was young. As one of seven children (yes there are seven of us) my parents still being together is a feat in and of itself. That being said, we listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and it was only until in my twenties did I discover Andrea Bocelli. I love his voice and have been to many concerts where he has performed. This combination is absolutely beautiful. It goes to show that we can all get along irrespective of our faiths and harmoniously sing the praises of our Lord. Don't get caught up in semantics because you will lose the very essence of what you can hear, which is the sound of Love.




IMG_2762.JPGThe best part of this beautiful sunset was the fact that my son asked to come and watch it from the office. When I asked him why, he said it was because of the Winter Solstice. I couldn’t stop smiling… It truly was an amazing sunset – the colors were brilliantly lighting up the sky… I love Spirit Sundays


Spirit Sunsets ~ I LOVE Our Universe …. Magic


There is nothing like the “Happiest Place on Earth” early in the morning….. So peaceful and quiet even if it only lasts 5 more minutes it was worth it ❤️


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, tell someone that you love them today. You will be happy that you did.
Xxoo I Love You




Twelve years ago today this little boy stole my heart. From the moment I first saw him and heard that little cry, I finally understood what the word “Love” actually meant.



Gratitude for the most beautiful universal playground ~ I love the full Moon as it kisses the water. Happy Friday 🙂

Today at Sunday Service at Lwissd ~ My friend and colleague Christina Colby gave a very inspirational spirit message. She had us in a healing meditation go visit ourselves at the age of five and take the hand of that little boy or girl and ask what were my dreams of being when I became older? That little 5 year old told me to be – Fearless and not question what is given and be grateful in everything. As Lisa Williams expressed later to me “Surrender” and to “Trust” myself like I already do with spirit. What an amazing service ~ I am still smiling with love gratitude in my heart. This was just a little extra reminder from John Edwards.


IMG_0909.JPGThe Beautiful Sea of Love in the Morning ~ get by water if you can, magic emanates in colors of strength.


I love the last day of summer before my two little kiddos go to school. In our family, regardless of the weather, we are at the beach until sundown. I wanted to go home early and was reminded that it was tradition to stay. All I can say is that I was grateful to be reminded. What an amazing beautiful ending to our summer without school. There are a lot of traditions that we fight because we want to quit or go home early…… Eventually these “traditions,” become absolutely perfect with tinges of love and colors of rainbows in the midst of chaos… I’m so grateful I decided to stick this one out. Pictures say a thousand words and in my case Millions……


I just found these beautiful yellow Roses in the sand by the sea….. Love who you are, bless the mentors and ones who have helped you along the way and then bring your gifts and talents to unchartered territory like these roses that were brought and left by someone here at the beach. Your gifts will have the ripple effect…. You will be that ripple effect.
~Happy Love Monday Everyone


A Beautiful Gift from Nature and Love

Just now in my back yard a beautiful butterfly landed on a leaf. I decided to take pictures and it crawled on my finger. I held my breath and marveled in the company of this beautiful creature. As soon as that thought traversed my mind into this vast universe, it flew away….. Another gift of love that comes in like a whisper as I try and hold on to something that is not meant to be held on to.

As most of you know ~ I knew all the families involved. This brought tears to my heart. I love J.K. even more now.

J.K. Rowling’s Letter To Cassidy

Thank you Kim ~ this blog post will resonate with everyone. It really grabbed my heart.


By Kim Esmond ~Infinite Smile Project

I love that ISP is a creative outlet for me to do so many things – exploring and sharing places I love, celebrating amazing people that inspire me, creative kindness projects I get to experiment on my kids and share with the world, and talking about what cultivates happiness and why kindness in this day and age is king.

However life is not always champagne and roses, right? There is something to be said about exposing oneself and sharing personal stories when the time feels natural. For me this is that time so I hope you will indulge me by reading my first “personal” post on ISP.

My husband is a very private person and I generally am not. Through many trials and tribulations I went through at a young age I found that it was helpful for me when asked a straight question, I gave a pretty straight and honest answer. It kept my life less complicated. As I have gotten older I have been told I am hard to get to know on an intimate level at first which may be true but this post is quite personal to me and I felt was important to share.

(Picture 1) The finger paint canvas art my three year old twins made for Neil so he had something beautiful in his room while here.

August 1st marked two months since we lost someone special in our family. Granted he was a relative of the family I married into but he was my favorite (and I married into what I consider to be an enormous family so that says a lot). When I used to travel the country as a college recruiter he would proudly escort me around his Alma Mater and show me the best time possible in “his” city. I loved it. We spent many family get togethers at the family farm or for holidays in California. He was an all-around stellar dude. An American hero flying choppers in the service, everyone’s friend, a caring soul, and always a sure bet for a good time.

We knew he had cancer for 3.5 years. It was hard to believe he was sick because he never once looked sick and never asked for pity. He was still the fun guy everyone loved as if nothing was going on. For respect of my family’s privacy I won’t go into details of his death but I can tell you it was heartbreaking. I had never witnessed anyone at the end of their life that was too young to pass and knew it was coming. In a candid conversation with my husband I told him I just didn’t think I could handle it, watching him go because I loved him so much and it was something I had never experienced before. My husband, ever rooted in his faith, assured me that now that he was here with family and friends he would be okay. In my husband’s eyes, that is all anyone ever needs.

(Picture 2) The children wrote messages of love they wanted to share with Neil to release into the sky that afternoon

I’ve always feared death mainly because I hadn’t had much experience with it. For the first time in my life I saw so much beauty surround something so tragic. I witnessed what an incredible family I married into as they all came from across the country to celebrate this man’s life. I saw such incredible strength in those around him who made it their sole purpose to provide comfort, happiness and strength for someone nearing the end of life. Most importantly I learned things that my husband did in his final moments that made him a true hero in my eyes. Though very private details, they were things that made me fall in love all over again and solidify the reasons why this was the person I chose to spend my life with and to father my children. What he did I wish I witnessed myself as I believe it would have possibly been one of the most beautiful moments in life one could ever see.

(picture 3) Some of the children releasing their messages for their beloved relative that day

My husband had asked me if I had talked to him like I wanted and expressed to him what I felt for him. I told him I never even considered that I wouldn’t have been granted that time so I didn’t get to do it like I had planned. It was certainly a teachable moment to me not only in death but in accordance to life as well. It’s amazing how death seems to teach us so much more about life than living sometimes.

(picture 4) Some of the balloons with messages floating up for Neil to receive. All in red, white and blue celebrating his contributions to our country in the military.

Given we all thought there was going to be more time there were many things this experience taught me that I would like to share. We all thought time was on our side, at least for a little longer. From this experience I learned time never is predictable and it has its own agenda. It made me think a lot over the last two months about life, loss and mostly living. Below are my private thoughts about these things in quite a public forum for me. Some simplistic and others a bit more rough in their delivery. Nevertheless, they are certainly honest.

1. Tell your loved ones you love them

Every day, all the time, and mean it. You just never know what tomorrow brings. I have experienced and know people who have experienced tragic things. Life should have no regrets and 3 simple words said can leave you with no regrets should something tragic occur.

2. Let go of grudges and forgive

It’s wasted energy that can be spent far more productively on other things. When tragedy hits all those small arguments or indifference seem to disappear. So why should this be any different in everyday life? If you knew someone you cared about was leaving you tomorrow would you still choose to hold onto whatever is bothering you?

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

This has been something I have learned in the last year after my daughter’s surgery. I don’t care about how others parent their kids or what someone does in their free time. I don’t want to gossip or hear what someone “heard” about the new Mom in the playgroup. I don’t want to listen to someone complain that their flight was an hour late and they forgot their iPad and had nothing to do while sitting in the airport. It doesn’t matter to me if a person has an opinion on another based on some incident 5 years ago that appears irrelevant today. Really, I don’t care about these things and the very little time I have is much better spent and more fun enjoying moments and having conversations that are positive and productive. There are far worse things going on in the world and people with situations and tragedies in their lives that trump any problems most of us have today. It’s a matter of perspective and once you have it, when life is without any major complications it’s purely fantastic.

4. Don’t wait until tomorrow

That trip that you want to take? Use the money you have, pack your bags and take it. Been thinking of that old friend that you miss and wonder what’s new, just call them. I guarantee you will make their day. Always wanted to ditch your responsibilities for a day and go to the beach, just do it. One day won’t kill anyone. Plus, you’ve probably earned it – I mean REALLY earned it. And most importantly, if you have something to say to someone or do for them – good or bad – call or visit that person and make it happen. Whatever that outcome you will be glad you did if it is weighing on your soul.

5. Practice appreciation and gratitude daily

There are many days where we are so mad at our spouse or boyfriend that we can’t see straight. At these moments think of those you dated that treated you horribly and were masterful at being selfish. Then think of the amazing things your spouse has done and that you have one to argue with and pick up after. When your kids are driving you nuts pause for a moment and think of those who have lost a child or cannot get pregnant. As someone who miscarried so many times I believed I would never have my own children so this is something I try to remember during the times I’m pretty sure I am ready to pass them off to a neighbor for a few hours. When you want that bigger house or wish to move closer to the beach know that even the poorest living in most places in the U.S. are still incredibly rich to many areas in the world who don’t have a home, water, food or freedom.

It’s so difficult to take the time in our crazy, fast-paced, over-scheduled lives to appreciate the things in life that really matter. So this weekend try and practice gratitude for things many take for granted. Enjoy your time with a loved one, spend time at the park or beach and enjoy its beauty, and smile at those you pass on the street. Just spend 48 hours in appreciation of all that has been given to you, enjoy each moment as it happens this weekend and soak it all in with gratitude. I promise as Monday rolls around, it won’t seem so bad after all.


Website Link ~ The Infinite Smile Project









This is a blog post from a very dear friend of mine Kim Esmond and her “Infinite Smile Project.” Teaching children (and adults) to pay it forward and in doing so you are spreading kindness that results in an infinite smile. She always manages to put a smile on my face. Subscribe to her post- you will love it!

The Infinite Smile Project
Summer of Kindness Challenge #4: Spread a Smile Edition

As more and more people are finding out about ISP I am receiving so many fun emails from the most amazing people. One last week was from a lady from Word Rocks who gave me this amazing idea in exchange for some smile wands. Fair trade I think.

Word Rocks is exactly what you think it is, maybe. Basically they are wonderful, fun sayings or words written on rocks and left anywhere and everywhere people roam to brighten their day.

As luck should have it we live near the beach so we spent some time last week finding some gorgeous rocks that my four year old twins (happy birthday girls!) found in the sand and then at the tide pools. They selected their favorites, we washed and dried them at home and then decorated them the next day. Clearly I did most of the decorating, but they were fantastic supervisors.

The next day, as any democracy would, we nominated our favorite spots around town and dropped off about twenty rocks in different locations for unsuspecting people to find.

Whoever you are, if you found them and are reading this post, we hope it made your day a little brighter!

As always, comments, questions and emails are welcome. Enjoy your week everyone!


I Love Jenny McCarthy ~ this is something that she posted via twitter today @JennyMcCarthy…. She gets it and you don’t have to like her to understand what she is saying. Love that spiritual side of her.



A Spirit’s Birthday Wish To Her Mother Today

I was running on the beach here in Ocean City, NJ this morning when I saw these beautiful three red roses and had to stop. I sat down in the warm sand next to them and put them in an upright position. Then as I sat there contemplating why they were there, I received an alert from “Facebook” via text that it was Toni’s birthday today.

Toni is the mother of Morgan who passed away at the age of 20. She should still be with us right now in physical form even though she is in spirit.

In the midst of heart ache thinking about Toni, her husband Steve and their daughter Morgan, I actually smiled because it couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time finding those 3 roses.

I wrote happy birthday to Toni and then Morgans name “popped” in my head and then my name Jennifer. My name happens to be Morgan’s middle name.

I then asked Morgan who I felt was giving me “spirit hugs” as I was covered in chills, if I could sign her name and of course I was given a yes.

Everything transpired in seconds but the thank you from Morgan and Toni are still happening, hours later. What a gift of love coming over from the other side.

I am humbled and honored to be doing this work. I am also grateful to work with such a beautiful spirit who is helping us solve her very own case.
~Jennifer Shaffer


I will miss the serenity you bring me every morning unconditionally my beautiful sea of tranquility -I do look forward to spending time the next 3 weeks on the East Coast…. Thank you for always inspiring me, I am grateful.


I am pinching myself being able to wake up to this beautiful sunrise and then becoming a student as I soak up the knowledge and wisdom from a wonderful teacher and mentor John Holland. What an incredible gift he is to this planet. So grateful for all of the “Coincidences,” that brought me here to this moment right now ~ I am in Love with Love…… ~ Jennifer Shaffer


Let the universe work it’s magic. Spirit wants to help you understand that you are perfect and in divine order – Love who you are and then extend that towards others in service…..


Don’t be discouraged if you sometimes are sailing alone. It can be more peaceful that way. One thing is for certain, you are always surrounded by the beautiful Sea that is waiting for you to dive in to self discovery.
~ Jennifer Shaffer




Find Your Bliss….. It reflects the way you look at the outside world because Bliss is found within first….


Love and then Love some more. Make it a competition within yourself that no one can have any other effect on your spirit other than Love. I remember hearing this and laughing because of how funny it was at the time- now I quietly say it in the face of adversity ~ “Nothing you can possibly do -will ever make me not like you.”


Seasons Greetings and a Thank You video for all of your support throughout the year

Below is from Dr. Wayne Dyer. I was very deeply touched by what was written and what resonated so deeply within my very core that I wanted to share it. Please visit his website for more wonderful books and stories. One of my favorite books that he has written is “Wishes Fulfilled”, you will not be disappointed.


I am one with all living things.

Give thanks for the gift of love and the oneness that unites all living things. You are a divine creation—a piece of the divine intelligence that supports everything and everyone. In a world in which this divine intelligence creates everything, there can be no accidents.

“All that I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

My son Sands sent me a story about the passing of conservationist Lawrence Anthony in South Africa. Anthony is well-known for his courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during the war in Iraq in 2003. He wrote about his experiences rescuing a rogue elephant herd in his bestselling book The Elephant Whisperer. Sands knew I would love the remarkable story of what happened at Lawrence Anthony’s game reserve in South Africa after his death last year. The elephants he saved from extermination walked 12 miles in a sort of funeral procession from their habitat to gather around his house. How did they know their human protector and friend had passed?

As Emerson says, we take what we have seen and trust our Creator on what’s unseen. If all life is connected, the elephants would naturally know to come to their friend’s home to mourn him. Everything in this physical universe of ours is in some way connected to everything else. When we attempt to isolate anything, we find that it is in some way part of everything else in the universe. Just as it is absurd for a single wave to see itself as separate from the ocean, so it is for any of us not to recognize our oneness with all creation.

If we imagine that we’re free of all divisions, all separation, and all judgments about this world and the life inhabiting it, we can begin to understand oneness. The place we want to enter is of simply being. We can picture the Source of being as an energy that’s as available to us all as is the sky. There’s no distinction between anyone or anything because everyone and everything is Spirit. This Spirit is God, our Source of being. We are it, and it is who we are. We relax into the silence of where we came from. We discover the meaning of life by being able to return to the oneness. The closer we get to experiencing our original nature, which is Spirit, the more peace and purpose flows through us. And the more we can recognize and accept miracles.

The story of Lawrence Anthony and the elephants tells me that something in the Universe is greater and deeper and more powerful than we know. We can trust our Creator on this. Like the elephants, let us be grateful for the Spirit that connects us and enables us to love.

Love today and always,


Dr. Wayne Dyer. com


Thank You Freddy for giving me more reasons to Love ~ Happy Anniversary.


Picture taken by Stephen Simons


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