The Healing Prayer Book Project

Jennifer’s dear friend and colleague, Kathy Biehl ( created the “Healing Prayer Book Project” online, on behalf of the creator of the book, who wishes to remain anonymous.  

When I hear that a friend has an illness or is facing an operation or is dying or is dealing with a death or some other challenge, I write that person’s name in my healing prayer book. It’s a simple book, containing only a short prayer and a list of names that has grown to pages and pages. The act of adding a name invokes the prayer for that person and amplifies the energy for all the names that are already there.

The Project: Inspiring Other Healing Prayer Books

Imagine the impact on this planet if there were more, sending healing, love and positive energy into situations of pain, suffering and despair.

Want to join us? Here’s how.

1. Choose a book.

Pick a blank book that appeals to you. Look for a sturdy cover and binding that will withstand being opened and closed many many times over the years.

2. Write the prayer on the inside front cover or the first page.

The Prayer:
I place _______ in the golden light of God’s healing power and love. I see ___ whole and perfect in God’s cloak of infinite compassion. And there I leave him, with the knowledge that according to his need, he will receive.

Alternative Language:
If it makes you more comfortable, replace “God” with “Love” or “the Goddess.”

3. Add names as needed.

4. Tell your friends.

When you add someone to your book, you can ask your friends to put that person in their book, too.

5.Optional: Let me know.

I’d love to hear about other books. If you want to email a photo of your book, I’ll post it to help spread the word.


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