365 Days of Angel Prayers

This is the prayer for June 17th from the Bestselling book 365 Days of Angel Prayers
“Archangel Michael’s Grounding Light Prayer”

By Jennifer Shaffer
Mother Father God and Goddess of the Earth, Moon, Seas and Stars,

I invoke Archangel Michael with his sword of brilliant golden light.

I ask to please cut the cords of any past, present and future energies 

from all dimensions in which I may reside, and that no longer

serve my highest good in being of service for the highest good of others.
I ask and visualize your infinite presence of golden love, light and strength 

to take my energetic cord deep into the center of our loving mother earth, 

wrapping the cord around her axis so I have an anchor for grounding.
I see your light come back as it runs through my left side, 

lightening all of my energy centers.

I see your light flow back down through my right, 

clearing and illuminating the energy flow going through my body. 

I see your golden love, light and strength flow through me 

seven times in a circular motion finishing through my crown, 

connecting my spirit to my higher self.
Finally, as immense gratitude fills my heart,I invoke the seven Archangels under Michael’s directionto encompass 

my etheric body with solid golden white light protection 

starting clockwise surrounding seven times,

cloaking the Merkabah sphere I stand in.
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