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July 14, 2015, 5pm PDT: Jennifer Shaffer interviewed Dr. Denise McDermott on the Women 4 Women Network’s Radio Show: “Linear Meets Non-Linear Conversations”.

Dr. Denise McDermott is an Adult and Child Board Certified Psychiatrist who did her residency at Emory University and her fellowship at UCLA.

She has won numerous awards and held many leadership positions some highlights are:

Receiving 2014 Leading Physician of the World
Receiving 2000 UCLA Physician Recognition Award
Receiving Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Award
Serving as President of the Southern California Child Psychiatric Society in 2005-2006
Serving as Chief Fellow at UCLA in 2000-2001
Dr. McDermott has been in private practice in the South Bay since 2001.

She embraces Western Medicine and combines it with her own intuition to offer the best recommendations for her patients by integrating Mind, Body and Spirit into her assessment. She believes that her clients can thrive and empowers them to “envision their best self”. She does psychotherapy that is solution focused and prescribes the least amount of medicine (if any) for a patient to be well.

Dr. McDermott sought out mentoring from Dr. Judith Orloff who is an Internationally known Psychiatrist, Intuitive, and Energy Healer. At the present she is doing course work with Dr. Barry Morguelan of the Morguelan Energy Institute. She has co-led Intuition Workshops with Jennifer Shaffer where “Linear Meets Non-Linear”. She has attended seminars by Thomas John. She has been a guest on “Calling Out” by Susan Pinsky with Jennifer Shaffer and Psychic Rebel Colby.

She is spiritually aligning herself with “Leaders of Thought” and intends to help continue to bridge the realms of Science and Spirituality. She plans to collaborate with the Institute for Sensory Perception.

You can find her at


Looking forward to “Awakening Your Intuition,” Linear meets Non-Linear workshop tomorrow with Dr. Denise McDermott! Come join us for our next one, November 14th from 10-2pm. Tomorrow’s workshop sold out quickly and the next one in November is almost sold out as well. If you are interested here is the link and the information below.

Dr. Denise McDermott and Jennifer M. Shaffer have spoken to thousands of people throughout their careers empowering them to operate from a higher awareness. Dr. McDermott believes in mental wellness and empathically “connects” with her patients utilizing psychotherapy and various tools to promote a cognitive change in the way one views themselves and their life situation. As an Intuitive, Jennifer Shaffer connects with the unseen, the nonlinear to encourage healing on a deep spiritual level. They both believe in Intuition.

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